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  1. louv

    Taking One Lap of the Country in my Taycan Turbo - 10k miles in 6 weeks Cross-Country Journal

    My lap was not as long as this whale’s migration. Or maybe he just likes to travel too!
  2. louv

    Standing water at the charge station

    I had a whole service station & restaurant go down once upon a time as my charging session started. Snow. Not standing water. Probably a short somewhere in a newly installed PetroCanada charging station. “Oops. Sorry, I’ll go now.” I trust electrical building codes that are designed to...
  3. louv

    The "religion" of car ownership

    Agreed. I’ve enjoyed this forum quite a bit. I moderate a FB forum that is for owners of one particular BMW model. I swing the Ban Hammer on anyone who is disrespectful to another forum member. They get booted out and blocked. Result: a very polite forum. (It’s my own little power trip: Be...
  4. louv

    Red Seat Belts Retrofitted in Taycan

    Your ‘personal design assistant’ was probably correct. They usually are. And even if they aren’t, we should still heed them.
  5. louv

    Sleeping in a Porsche Taycan

    I’d be happy to test it out if Porsche wants to give me one.
  6. louv

    Red Seat Belts Retrofitted in Taycan

    Sadly, the cat got cancer and died at the end of December (thanks, 2020). But he lived an adventurous life. He saw Niagara Falls, Mt Rushmore, the Pacific coast, and more.
  7. louv

    Red Seat Belts Retrofitted in Taycan

    Dammit. I miss that cat. And that car. And those seatbelts.
  8. louv

    Sleeping in a Porsche Taycan

    Yes, I slept in my Taycan. In New Mexico, March of 2020. Not in Canada in February. There is no “Camp Mode” and no “Dog Mode”. But you can set up multiple “pre-conditioning” sessions separated by a couple hours. (For some reason I recall that didn’t actually work… it was over a year ago…)...
  9. louv

    What’s your Taycan efficiency?

    From my last day with the car.
  10. louv

    Glass roof colour

    Refracts the light beautifully.
  11. louv

    Announced: Software update for 2020 Taycan models 🤩

    Truth. Anyone have a spare Taycan they’d like to give me? I promise to put lots of miles on it and love it dearly.
  12. louv

    WOW - check out this wrap on a Taycan!

    I like art cars. I’ve never owned one, but I like that other people do.
  13. louv

    Vehicle locked with key inside!

    Sounds like it “Worked as designed”.
  14. louv

    Worse build ever? do your worst…

    One person’s beautiful is another person’s ugly. I dislike white cars. I used to dislike black-on-black (my Taycan) I don’t like matte finishes. So what? But what *I* like should have ZERO influence on what You like. Anyone, really
  15. louv

    Cleaning the screens

    Microfiber cloth, doubled over a few times (so your hand stays far enough away to not activate the capacitive touch) or… You could just wait until the 12v battery fails. sorry… too soon? I’ll show myself out.
  16. louv

    Tesla admits FSD is a pipe dream

    A whole new car is certainly more expensive. Oops.
  17. louv

    BMW i8

    LOL. You are comparing a $150,000 car to a $1.5 million dollar car? Not really fair. I’m not defending BMW’s overall business decisions. I disagree with many directions they go.
  18. louv

    BMW i8

    A large engine and large wheels would make it a completely different vehicle. Heavy. (A v8 weight vs a 1.5l 3cyl). Bigger. (The 3-cyl barely fits). The more I owned it, the more I loved the “compromises” of the design. My living in Maui was always a “temporary” thing. Unknown number of...
  19. louv

    BMW i8

    Yup. I had an i8. Loved it. 33,000 miles over 4 years. Drove it cross country (big surprise, right?), drove it for a winter in Maine, had it as my only car when I lived on Maui.