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  1. Ceramic window film instead of thermally insulated glass option

    If your only concern is heat/IR, I would opt for 3M Crystalline. In my experience, it rejects heat significantly better than ceramic tint.
  2. Disaster! Spec missing the one thing I wanted. 🤦🏼😢🤣

    It's not for everyone but I enjoy Sport Sound and I would miss it. For the same reason people enjoy dynamic exhaust notes during spirited driving, it adds to the experience IMO. Also, the kids love it 😊
  3. help (glass vs Park Assist vs Park Assist+HUD)

    I don't have any of these features 😅 But, if I was to choose one, I would go with insulated glass. Porsche HUD is years behind other carmakers—like BMW. I test drove a Taycan with insulated glass and it makes a noticeable difference in noise and comfort.
  4. Ceramic coating a good idea?

    Good idea—without a doubt. It will keep your car looking like new. Also, the fact that you don't have to worry about applying a new layer of wax every 3-6 months makes it a no-brainer IMO.
  5. Porsche needs a new ad agency ... or do they?

    Considering the demand for Taycan, I would say their ad agency is doing great. Not to mention, they had one of the best Super Bowl spots last year.
  6. are all rear cameras this bad?

    I respectfully disagree. The surround view is fine, but the rear camera on the Taycan is terrible. My other vehicle (BMW X5) has a noticeably better camera. It's the same camera that's in the BMW 3-Series which is 1/3 of the price of the Taycan. While reversing in the Taycan, you have to do...
  7. OMG Elon really does lie

    Consider the amount of wasted money, effort, talent and resources to get the Roadster in production—only to be delayed year-after-year. Not to mention the cancellation of the Plaid+ and delay of Cybertruck and Semi. Meanwhile, the competition is here (or almost here). There are so many EV...
  8. Any RWD owners regret not going to 4S?

    I know exactly what you mean :cool:
  9. Rear axle steering (RAS) - gimmick or?

    I didn't build my Taycan (purchased CPO) but I got every option I wanted except RAS 😩 I know "must have" is overused on this forum but I think this is one of the few must have options—especially if you're coming from a smaller car.
  10. Any RWD owners regret not going to 4S?

    I know your question was directed towards RWD owners, but I test drove both cars extensively before making a decision. It was an easy decision for me to go with the 4S. The RWD was not as fun to drive as all the YouTube car reviewers made it out to be. I tried really hard to like it, but I...
  11. Do you have a pano roof?

    Ah, makes sense. I didn't even realize I was in the UK forum. I just saw this thread trending and voted. My bad 😅
  12. Do you have a pano roof?

    I don't know about Worcestershire. In California, you will take a hit on resale value without the pano roof.
  13. Do you have a pano roof?

    Pano roof is a part of the Premium Package so you're going to get a lot of "yes" answers. If it only was a standalone option, I think it would be more split. Personally, I would've opt'd not to have the pano roof because the roof line looks much better without it IMO. It does make the interior...
  14. Regret Standard Interior?

    My Taycan was CPO so I can't really have regrets since I love the overall package that I got—and I would definitely do it again. That being said, if I bought new, full leather would be high on the list but not a must-have option.
  15. Had my wheels redone to match the car color (Gentian Blue).

    Very subtle but nice touch 👌
  16. Taycan 4 drag races Mercedes EQS, Audi e-tron GT, Tesla Model S

    Plaid model costs about $20k more than the Taycan 4S, so that's not a fair comparison either. But you're right, Plaid would smoke everything—including the Turbo S.
  17. Mission E wheels

    This is the right answer. Over 5500 miles driven and I’ve never once thought “I wish I would’ve opt’d for different wheels to gain 15 miles of range”. But I think I would have regretted getting anything besides the Mission E wheels.
  18. WARNING: DO NOT BUY ZITO WHEELS - Scammed by Tony

    I don’t mean to victim blame here, but that should have been a major red flag. There is virtually no buyer protection when it comes to bank wire transfers. Only use payment services (i.e. PayPal, credit card) so you could get your money back—whether it’s a scam or the company goes bankrupt...

    Hope you get it back soon. Your Taycan 4S will feel like a slug if you drive that Turbo S for too long 😅