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  1. Deposit placed for RS E-Tron GT

    Nice ! Congrats
  2. Roof Transport System

    Can I add a Roof Transport System, to a Taycan 4S w/ panoramic roof, later ? The configurator says it has to be factory fit. The Porsche Good Yo Know App shows it can be fitted later. I wouldn’t be using much but for those annual hike/surfing trips. I’d like to have it only on when using for...
  3. Demo of Active Parking Support

    thanks for sharing !
  4. Taycan GTS to be announced this year?

    That’s quite possible.
  5. Taycan GTS to be announced this year?

    Any updates on the Taycan GTS ? I just came across this post. Apparently unpublished news on the Porsche website (some 4 hours back). Almost no dealers are taking orders on the Turbo, by saying no build slots are available till June. This might actually make sense. My dealer is still tight...
  6. US Federal Tax Credit Changes/should I get MY2021 or MY2022?

    This is something I checked with my dealer too. But apparently they cannot bill, till the car can be handed over. Anyone got their dealer to do otherwise ?
  7. Burmester / Change Bose look

    Didn’t think the other way. I have white exterior and black leather interior, w/ the aluminum rhombus and dark silver accents
  8. Burmester / Change Bose look

    My freeze date for MY22.Taycan4S is this week and there’s one thing i’ve been thinking about. I love the look of the Burmester sounds systems (metal plates / speaker exterior). I have Bose spec’d currently. I’m not a crazy music fan so to me the Bose sounded fine, from the reviews. i’m just...
  9. December 2021 Delivery

    I have the same issue. It says ‘you have no vehicle’ 🙄
  10. Taycan GTS to be announced this year?

    Sorry, I didn’t realize the paywall
  11. Taycan GTS to be announced this year?

    came across this:
  12. Trying to decide whether to add Passenger Screen option

    from a driver perspective, it gives it a cockpit look, that a lot of people like. Many agree, that the functionality is redundant and not needed. so it’s more of a aesthetic question.
  13. Too many issues

    these sound terrible…
  14. Current 2022 Taycan 4S Lease Rates

    what’s the MSRP on the car ?
  15. 2022 Taycan Lease Residual Values

    🙃 oops. RV on 7.5k ?
  16. New Technology package

    Remote Park Assist comes with LCA, as an individual option. I didn’t go for the Tech package as it’s adds HUD (which also adds the physical HOOD above the curved screen). But I think if you get the tech package, you get remote park assist (which already includes LCA).
  17. Taycan 4S vs 911 ?

    Anyone who switched from 911 to Taycan ? or has both who can tell me what I’ll miss (if I never got the 911). I always thought I’d aim to get a 911 at this point in life. Then Mission E changed my thoughts. Currently, have a 4S on order. Given that 10 years from now, ICE would be completely...
  18. December 2021 Delivery

    My 4S went from 12/3 to 12/10 to 01/07, a month before freeze date
  19. MRM & RV for 4S (w/ PB+)

    I have similar thoughts. I don’t think the tech would drastically change in 3-4 years.