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  1. struther

    Carplay annoyances

    I am also in the no beep, no message camp. The other two I have.
  2. struther

    Porsche connect contract

    I also thought the Connect devices provided the in car data services to support Apple Music, traffic, weather, etc. Definitely worth renewing. Now, is it worth paying for after the 3 years is another story.
  3. struther

    What are your top 3 favorite functions

    I assigned it to one of the diamond buttons. It was listed as an option. The fact that the car pulls in the name of the track is a new feature for me as well - my previous car was over 10 years old and didn’t have this ability.
  4. struther

    What are your top 3 favorite functions

    1) drive mode - specifically being able to switch to sports plus and feeling the suspension tighten and handling sharper 2) add track to library - have the current song playing on the radio added to my Apple Music library 3) launch control - need I say more?
  5. struther

    Driver Control Required message

    I will sometimes get the “Drive in the middle of the lane” message. I just think the car is being a bit judgy on driving style!!
  6. struther

    Clunk Noise When Shutting Driver Door

    Absolutely. I am only going to take it back when I can reliably reproduce this or capture it on video.
  7. struther

    Clunk Noise When Shutting Driver Door

    Interesting that they thought this would be software related. Sounds mechanical to me but perhaps the software that controls the window operation on close is causing it?? Fortunately my issues have been so minor that I only had them look at this because the car was in for the recall update. I...
  8. struther

    Clunk Noise When Shutting Driver Door

    I will have to test that out next long drive - roll down the window before shutting the door. It is not the actual window going up on close and it doesn’t happen with the passenger door. Thanks for thought.
  9. struther

    Clunk Noise When Shutting Driver Door

    Looked through the forum but didn’t see this one mentioned. When I drive for a long period of time, I hear a clunk sound when shutting the door after exiting. It sounds like it is coming from the door handle area and that something is dropping behind the door. It doesn’t happen on short...
  10. struther

    Take the latest recall seriously!!! Experienced loss of motive power

    I’m in Canada and got the letter on the 3rd. I have booked an appointment for the 23rd even though the website says my car won’t be impacted. The service department says they need the car for 2 or 3 days. I don’t think that should be the case based on the information here but didn’t argue...
  11. struther

    Have Porsche got the regen strategy (one pedal driving) right?

    I really like the Taycan implementation of regen, braking and even the creep. It feels so natural for me coming from ICE cars. The Taycan drives and reacts as expected- the transition was easy and the car is absolute joy to drive. I find the creep very useful and can use the HOLD if...
  12. struther

    Let us know how your recall update (Powertrain Shutdown / Loss of Power) went

    Is WMA5 the one for the PMCC and did you have it with the car? If not, perhaps that is the reason it wasn’t feasible.
  13. struther

    Taycan Secret Tips and Functions

    When I ordered my 2021, the tire sealant was an $80 option in Canada. I got it and my car also has the pump.
  14. struther

    Did you buy your Taycan primarily.....

    A - never thought I would be a Porsche person. Wanted to get an EV and considered Tesla, Audi, etc. Loved the look of the Taycan the most and it came out before the Audi. Not an anti-Tesla person, but just see too many of them on the road. I also fell in love with the Mission-E concept.
  15. struther

    Wait times for Taycan Service Apt....what are you hearing?

    I used to run into this issue with my Nissan GTR. Only certain trained individuals were allowed to work on the car. I had an issue with my tire pressure system that required a reset at the dealer. I figured it would be a simple fix. I booked an appointment, indicating it was a GTR. When I...
  16. struther

    US/Canada Plate Frame Recommendations?

    I replaced my dealer advertisement one with a Porsche thin bezel frame. A little more understated and refined than the dealer one. In fairness to the dealer, they did offer to install the plate without it. I thought I would like the dealer one but then decided it was a little much.
  17. struther

    Question on option for "Door Trim Package in Leather"

    I tried to add all of those leather options but my build had locked. I didn’t push given the costs of these options. Some of these seem excessive. I do like the deviated stitching especially to add a touch to a dark interior. In this document , the red stitching picture are my car. Thanks...
  18. struther

    Show Us Your Prestige License Plates

    Meaning of life. Fitting for the Taycan and the joy it brings. Well played, sir, well played.
  19. struther

    What options enable "Sport Plus" mode for a Taycan 4S

    I think you need the Sports Chrono to get Sports Plus. Gives you the handy dial on the steering wheel too.
  20. struther

    E-Mobility Options

    I would absolutely have an electric cover on a petrol car if it was available. I really like the feature and haven’t had any issues with mine. I find it very convenient as it closes automatically. I also like the fin and the touch it adds. This is really a personal preference though and...