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  1. LonePalmBJ

    Delivery delay from Nov to Jan. Don't know how I feel if I miss the tax credit.

    The way the tax code is written the vehicle must be "placed into service" in the tax year. I'm not a tax professional but I don't think that the date-of-sale is sufficient.
  2. LonePalmBJ

    hmmm - my lovely Taycan is limited to 220 miles range - [Edit] I think it's the tires…

    FWIW, Road and Track tested this by swapping the tires on an e-Golf and saw a 20% range hit: Edit: The author also installed larger wheels, which honestly is probably the larger factor...
  3. LonePalmBJ

    New Porsche Car Charger

    By default the Taycan can accept up to 11kW. There's an optional upgrade for MY21 and MY22 Taycans to spec 19.2kW charging.
  4. LonePalmBJ

    FINAL CHOOSE - 4S standard battery or good spec RWD with Performance Battery?

    I would go with the RWD. In normal day-to-day use there's not going to be a meaningful difference in the driving experience, and the larger battery and presumably more options will improve the livability and enjoyment of the car.
  5. LonePalmBJ

    2021 Karma GS-6S Sport

    Speak for yourself. I drove a 2012 Karma as my daily driver for eight years. It was a great car, and still turned heads until the day I sold it to buy the Taycan. It wasn't perfect, and it launched with some teething problems, but it was generally a joy to own and drive and never once let me...
  6. LonePalmBJ

    A kinder, gentler, smaller, more affordable and useful road-warrior EV charging kit

    My kit is this exactly, except for the Marine Shore Power adapter. You've given me something to put in my letter to Santa.
  7. LonePalmBJ

    Owning 2 Taycans

    Go for it. All electric is not scary, and not all that uncommon around where I live. Our house is mostly all electric now, with a Taycan and an i3 as the daily drivers. The i3 has a seldom used gasoline range extender, so technically it's not a pure BEV, but it is being replaced with an F150...
  8. LonePalmBJ

    Taycan Cool Bag

    As of today, at least, this page is no longer live, returning the message "Sorry, the product or page you requested is not available at this time. "
  9. LonePalmBJ

    Anyone considering other EV's?

    My wife has a deposit on an F150 Lightning
  10. LonePalmBJ

    What are my options...

    Sorry to hear this. For me, it would boil down to this: Having a Taycan is better than not having a Taycan. Setting aside your understandable disappointment and frustration for a moment, the items you mentioned, to me at least, are not all that important. They're in the "nice to have"...
  11. LonePalmBJ

    New recall - brake issue

    The recall impacts 11 total cars including some 911s. Maybe not worthy of the sarcasm?
  12. LonePalmBJ

    Budget decisions: Taycan 4S

    I have a 4S with Premium and Performance packages. The car drives amazingly but I cannot comment on how it would be without some of the performance adds. I don't have the insulated glass though, and I still find the car to be quiet and serene, so I wouldn't consider that a Must Have. I'm not...
  13. LonePalmBJ

    Porsche needs a new ad agency ... or do they?

    Having come to this thread immediately after reading an article explaining how Porsche is having their best sales year in history, and how the Taycan, in particular, out sold all of the 911 and 718 models combined last quarter, I would say No. I think their ad agency deserves a raise.
  14. LonePalmBJ

    Porsche connect contract

    I remember reading about it somewhere when I first picked up the car that it auto-renewed, and mine auto-renewed this year without me doing anything. If I look in the app now I see that my Porsche Charging Service is now active until September 2, 2022.
  15. LonePalmBJ

    Porsche connect contract

    They use "Connect" as an umbrella term for a variety of services. In this particular case the OP was asking about the "Porsche Charging Service (Taycan)", which is unrelated to the infotainment system.
  16. LonePalmBJ

    Porsche connect contract

    I was agreeing it was Odd, because it's weird :) It's not well described that the three years of EA charging is delivered as three one-year installments, and the notification emails that are sent around the service are sufficiently vague as to be confusing. Case in point: OP wasn't sure what...
  17. LonePalmBJ

    Porsche connect contract

    I agree, it's a little weird. I'm sure it's just so that they can sell one-year subscriptions after the promotion ends, or if they discontinue or alter the promotion, without having to set up a new product/SKU for a "Three year subscription" You should go try an EA charger just for fun, and to...
  18. LonePalmBJ

    How many chargers are included?

    This is all correct, but perhaps not exactly what the OP was asking. The question as I understand it is "if I pay to upgrade to the Porsche Mobile Charger Connect (PMCC) EVSE" do I still also get the default, included-with-Taycan-purchase Porsche Mobile Charger Plus EVSE"? I believe the...
  19. LonePalmBJ

    Porsche connect contract

    You must be coming up on your one-year anniversary with the Taycan. I just had mine on September 3rd. The "Three years of free DC Fast charging" at Electrify America is actually delivered as a thrice auto-renewing one-year subscription. Your first year is coming to an end, and your second...
  20. LonePalmBJ

    Jeans and light leather - Impossible combination?

    Another thread on the topic: TL;DR: Don't be afraid of the Chalk leather