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  1. mikeva

    Power folding mirror retrofit?

    I am another one that is sorry he did not specify this on my order... .but I find the cost of the items referenced above PLUS the labor to install them outside my price point....
  2. mikeva

    Is Patrick Anderson on this site? So much misleading information in this article

    To me this is a very superficial, poorly researchedl article based on some worse case options. While some of the points (some charging stations do have extremely high rates) are valid the article seems to indicate this is the only choice and that is not quite right - with any degree of...
  3. mikeva

    My SiriusXM subscription was updated....repeatedly

    FWIW - I get that notice quite frequently on my one year old Ford 150 -- pops up for a few seconds and then disappears ... haven't noticed it on the Taycan so far......
  4. mikeva

    Report on a trip to VIR for a track day

    I do not have the Chrono option. I am not aware of any DC charger at VIR. The only reliable one that I know of are the two new level 2 units Porsche installed right before the main entrance at the private garages. Each of these two units produced exactly the same charge rate as my home unit...
  5. mikeva

    Report on a trip to VIR for a track day

    I wanted to take my new Taycan RWD down to VIR from the Richmond VA area for a track day. This report details a bit of the 'range issues' as well as putting the car on the track. First of all, it is a 2021 Taycan RWD with the base battery, steel suspension, 20" wheels and Continental all...
  6. mikeva

    Steering Column - Replace Manual With Electric

    This is constant with what my SA told me.....
  7. mikeva

    85 % Battery charging - where does this recommendation come from?

    A quick internet search turned up more than dozen sites that strongly recommend NOT keeping a lithium ion battery at 100%. Just search on best state of charge for lithium ion batteries and you can find lots of reading material.....
  8. mikeva

    Too many issues

    Sure glad that I have not signed up for InnoDrive! Looks like it might need some more time.....
  9. mikeva

    Are you Missing Your Missing Electric Steering Column?

    Late August delivery and still waiting for the steering column fix and the 2nd key...
  10. mikeva

    Charging timers and profiles

    that is how I have mine set up ... but don't have direct charging in play as that seems to take it all the way to 100%. Also do not have optimized charging checked as it read like it was looking for some management from the EVSE and mine is a dumb Clipper Creek unit. Mine is profile with a min...
  11. mikeva

    Anyone else invited to take survey to be part of Porsche Council?

    I've done this for a couple of years now ... have no idea why I got to do it twice.... survey's have ranged from what I would call 'good' to what I would definitely call 'fluff'..... FWIW, I participated in a similar program for Lexus.....
  12. mikeva

    POLL: What's your Porsche experience level?

    If this current trend holds - 61% at level 1, then I would say the Taycan is doing exactly what Porsche wanted it to do......
  13. mikeva

    Steering Column - Replace Manual With Electric

    I am missing the electronics. My wheel is manually adjustable. It does not move when exiting the vehicle and I miss that feature but adjusting it for driving was not really a problem. I will be happy when the part gets here, but quite frankly it is a long way from being a problem as it stands.
  14. mikeva

    VIR getting a pair of Porsche L2 chargers

    where are they located ? over at the private garages outside the main gate?
  15. mikeva

    Taycan Cool Bag

    I had one for my Cayenne and found it to be of very marginal value. Relatively small and doesn't hold too much stuff, mine kept things cool but not cold. Easy to pass up this time
  16. mikeva

    Anyone have standard battery in Taycan RWD? Feedback?

    I have the standard battery and after about 500 miles of in-town driving I have no regrets. I made a choice to lease the car so I did not try to guess what the resale impact would be and therefore it had no impact on my choice. Neither PPB or leather as I was trying to keep the cost to a...
  17. mikeva

    Ceramic coating a good idea?

    I have had ceramic coating on my last 6 cars/trucks (since 2013) and it has made every one of them much easier to keep looking great....
  18. mikeva

    Taycan Turbo S vs. Model S Plaid - really by this much!?

    For what it is worth -- it seems a stock Tesla S Plaid just set the EV record for Nuremberg record besting the Taycan Turbo....
  19. mikeva

    Dumb Mistake: Air in ABS System

    that is quite an ordeal .... hopefully things are ok now ..... have fun
  20. mikeva

    VIR getting a pair of Porsche L2 chargers

    photo my salesman sent me.... have no other info...