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  1. Taycan Charging Quick Reference [Profiles and Timers]

    Good for you, I never made profiles work by themselves.
  2. Taycan Charging Quick Reference [Profiles and Timers]

    direct charging on means immediate charging, profiles and timers are ignored. profiles don't work without departure time. you need to set a departure timer with the desired % charged. For example I have a profile with charging time during 9:30AM and 5:30PM. That is when my power walls are fully...
  3. Charging Issue

    The real problem is it doesn’t matter what we think, Porsche needs to change it and how do we get to them?
  4. Charging Issue

    For some unknown reason I have more faith in the Porsche organization. They should have asked Tesla or just looked at the Tesla app. I use it for my house to monitor Solar production and Powerwall charging. Super easy to understand. Anyway, this forum is probably not read by Porsche. I am glad I...
  5. Charging Issue

    Thanks, I realized that too, after several trial and error attempts. A profile seems to work only in conjunction with a departure timer. this app sucks at so many user experience levels, it seems there was no money left to hire a team building an app, which matches the standards Porsche has for...
  6. Charging Issue

    I can only use direct charging at home. The moment I am trying to use a profile it doesn’t charge because it is permanently in pause saying a departure timer is configured. But no such timer is configured. Any help Is appreciated!
  7. Taycan Charging Quick Reference [Profiles and Timers]

    Sorry I wish I could share more. I didn’t use the car it is still fully charged. I’ll share more soon. Are you aware of a self-learning algorithm determining an assumed departure time? Thank you for hanging in there.
  8. Taycan Charging Quick Reference [Profiles and Timers]

    Thank you, the situation is simple: The charging is paused with the hint as attached. But there is no departure timer set. See 2nd picture.
  9. Taycan Charging Quick Reference [Profiles and Timers]

    Mine has been paused since I modified the minimum charge. It is not full and I have been in the preferred time window for 5 hours now. I would assume it charges full at the earliest during the time window. Not so. Thank you for your help. actually clicking on pause tells me it is paused because...
  10. Taycan Charging Quick Reference [Profiles and Timers]

    What is the trigger then to charge it full? Thank you in advance!
  11. Taycan Charging Quick Reference [Profiles and Timers]

    Thank you! the UX of the app could make that more clear.
  12. Taycan Charging Quick Reference [Profiles and Timers]

    I have solar and want the car to be fully charged during the day. I created the attached profile. the moment I plug in the charger it starts charging no matter what time of day. It seems to ignore the profile. What am I doing wrong? Thank you in advance