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  1. December 2021 Delivery

    For those that has finished production, do you guys know which one is more accurate ? Overview or the show journey section? Got the email yesterday saying it finished production , but on tyd shows still scheduled for production.
  2. December 2021 Delivery

    Mine also got pushed back and has the same dates as you now. What's your spec? Mine is:
  3. December 2021 Delivery

    I got the same dates as you now for MY22. Production supposed to be done 10/15 now it's 11/12 with ETA of 1/7/22. Also in Socal.
  4. AMC1 Campaign TSB email from PCNA

    Just want to share this information I received from Porsche today regarding the AMC1 stop sale.
  5. 20" aftermarket wheel options?

    Thank you! That's if my car ever shows up hahaha. 4th delay already. Jan 7, 22 is now the ETA.
  6. 20" aftermarket wheel options?

    My Taycan still hasn't arrive, but I almost went with Vossen HF5 in 20s since I have an account with them. Ultimately I ended up getting sponsored by Titan 7 wheels, so I went that direction. Lighter than Vossen too. 20x9 and 20x11. 24 and 26lbs.
  7. Jan Delivery

    Here's an update i got from PCNA when i asked why my Taycan got pushed to January. I ordered July 7th. Start production 9/24, pushed to 10/8 Finish production 10/15 pushed to 11/12 ETA pushed from 11/19 to 1/7/22 When I asked why has my Taycan been delayed for the 4th time now, this is...
  8. December 2021 Delivery

    I had the exact same dates as you. Was supposed to finish production last week. Now it's pushed back to 11/12 and 1/7/22 delivery.... sigh....
  9. Head-up display no longer working

    If you mind send me your VIN, I can try to check what job they did to fix the hub.
  10. Digital license plate anyone?

    It's a rear plate only.
  11. Digital license plate anyone?

    Yes, it is $800 plus tax. It will include 3 year free subscription, with $5 a month after that. The monthly subscription is only to use their app on your phone. My rep told me that we do not need to subscribe to the app if we don't want to. The license plate will still work and be updated when...
  12. Digital license plate anyone?

    I understand you completely. My wife thinks so too!
  13. Digital license plate anyone?

    Would anyone be interested in a digital license plate by Reviver? They are approved for CA and AZ registered cars only, but are 50 State street legal. I figure, for a vehicle as high tech and futuristic as a Taycan, that it would be great to see and have a digital plate on our Taycans...
  14. I am just stunned

    Honestly, warranty parts are actually shipped overnight. The only time it doesn't ship overnight is Sunday. It just takes 1-3 weeks to get here because of fedex shipping logistics. Most of the time, it just gets stuck at the port, or fedex central hub in Memphis. What makes it longer Is when it...
  15. Taycan Stop Sale

    Only 286 Taycans are affected.
  16. I am just stunned

    A lot of taycan parts are either on back order, or in Germany. Some parts are in the states, but not many. We've had 3 taycans come in for collision repairs and it's been about 1 to 3 weeks wait for parts. Some with eta of 6 to 8 weeks.
  17. December 2021 Delivery

    So odd. My ETA moved from 12/10, to 12/17, now back to 12/10 in a matter of 1 week. I don't know what to believe anymore lol...
  18. December 2021 Delivery

    Here you go. You're the 2nd with no missing parts. Congrats!
  19. December 2021 Delivery

    You're welcome man! You're the only lucky one so far with no missing parts, out of the 30+ ppl i've checked on!
  20. December 2021 Delivery

    Send me your VIN and i'll tell you what's missing.