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  1. GerhardF

    RWD - first picture arriving home

    Are there other (better) pics available in the next days??
  2. GerhardF

    How practical is Taycan as a daily driver for people in their 60s?

    I think your parents should try the Macan at the Porsche dealer, because it seems to me that getting in and out is a problem for them. Maybe the Macan is better there. The Cayenne is actually too high when getting in, so you have to stretch yourself up ..... good luck!
  3. GerhardF

    Anyone received a MY22 yet ?

    To BeTay22: The reason is simple: My good friend at Heerlen/The Netherlands (a free and very trustfull Porsche-dealer) is handling all porsche-steps for me like Boxster, Cayman, Cayenne GTS, 991.1...... He knows the people at PZ Gelderland very well, and my wife an I had a testdrive there and we...
  4. GerhardF

    Anyone received a MY22 yet ?

    GerhardF said: Gefeliciteerd! :like: Ik wacht nog steeds, productie-week zal 45 = vanaf 8.11 zijn. [/CITAAT] Wanneer besteld? Hello Jos, I ordered 5.8.2021 at Porsche Center Gelderland in Heteren, Groetjes GerhardF
  5. GerhardF

    Anyone received a MY22 yet ?

    Congratulations! :like: I´m still waiting, production-week will be 45 = starting 8.11.
  6. GerhardF

    Dolomite silver or Volcano?

    Yes, I also - I choose the 21" Design with Silberglanz-painting, the black ones are too black as I feel.....
  7. GerhardF

    Out of Spec runs Nurburgring in Taycan Turbo Cross Turismo

    .......... an ideal place to use the Sport-Chrono-Package..... :like:
  8. GerhardF

    EV rental Company in Germany: Too much problems renting out Taycan and others

    He decides this based on the problems with the cars that his rental customers have and which then fall back on him. I can understand that. Purely in terms of reliability, I am a bit astonished that Tesla is obviously better here? It is probably not that easy to "just" build a good electric car...
  9. GerhardF

    Anyone received a MY22 yet ?

    Yes, that`s interesting & important: Because a lot of software-based problems we can read in this forum! And if possible please: Not only PCM 6.0, but also improvements of the lot of the other issues? ---> thanks!
  10. GerhardF

    Hello from Germany.......

    Thanks for welcome! I would like you to have a look in our Garden here at home: See Photo! :like: = German "Gartenzwerge"
  11. GerhardF

    Hello from Germany.......

    ........ from me as a new forum-member, from Aachen/Germany/at the 3-country-point D/NL/B. I will start to be present here too. I ordered a Taycan RWD in August, delivery will be in November. The car will be in dolomitesilvermetallic with the 21" Exclusive Design rims with Platinum Seidenglanz...
  12. GerhardF

    Trip report from Nice area, France to Stockholm, Sweden in Taycan Turbo

    Peter, thanks for your great report of driving accross Europe - best regards to Sweden!