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  1. Porsche Connect issue

    The AP is spotty at best. However, when it works and allows you to turn on your A/C remotely it really shines.
  2. Adaptive Cruise Control. Should I add Active Lane Keeping?

    I think ACC is a must have.
  3. What are the Must Have Options

    Yes, he struggles mightily to get out of the car. That B pillar is a problem, but he's also 82. He learned to wait for a little help.
  4. What are the Must Have Options

    I can’t say. I’m 5’10 and 170. My dad is a big boy at 6’4” and 230. He hasn’t complained about them, but no long rides yet for him just plenty of short ones.
  5. What are the Must Have Options

    MUST have: 18 way seats Rear steering Hi-Po battery and the highest capacity charging options for future proofing 25‘ cord ACC
  6. Weak A/C?

    It gets pretty toasty here in South Carolina, but the a/c has not been an issue for me. However, the inability to quickly and easily direct the flow of air using a traditional vent system can contribute to making me warmer than I otherwise might be. I find the air flow controls challenging to...
  7. Second thoughts – moving back to ICE

    Getting in and out of the car is a learning process for me. And I agree the electronics can be buggy, but for driving around town, no long trips yet, the car is just awesome. It’s so comfortable and responsive. Granted, not as special looking as a 991 Targa, but I kinda enjoy the lower profile...
  8. Is The Optional $1850 Head-Up Display Worth It On The Porsche Taycan?! What Features Does It Add?! - Pcarwhisperer

    I bought my car off the lot, so it was already optioned. That being said, I wouldn't spec it.
  9. Mobile Charger anti-theft

    Look at RV accessories, they sell locks for RV hook up sites. Camping World...maybe? Good luck.
  10. Do I have to pay for the home installation?

    I think Porsche has a parthership with Amazon to sell you the charger and line up an electrician. I know I read that somewhere. I just checked Amazon and they’re saying “installs unavailable.”
  11. Sheeme150 just posted "The PAINS of Living with an EV! My WORST Experience Yet"

    At this stage in the lifecycle of the EV (non-Tesla) and its ecosystem, I can’t see buying an EV without home charging capability. I don’t want the hassle. That said, I’ve not tried the EA network so I can’t say how good or bad it is. I’m going to try some shorter road trips in the coming months...
  12. How often do you re-boot PCM?

    Never, 2021 TTS.
  13. Just got my Taycan :)

    Sweet ride!
  14. Wireless Apple CarPlay

    +1, it’s there. It didn’t work before my update, but does now. However, I stick to the PCM mostly.
  15. Two more days

    Congratulations, one more day!
  16. Pano roof in hot climate Y or N

    I’m in SC. It’s just starting to get warm up, so I can’t weigh in on the extra cabin heat yet, but the bright sun shining through has me putting on a hat from time to time.
  17. Misjudged pillar at underground car park!

    Bummer, but not that bad. Close one.
  18. Taycan software update - reported problems post update

    2021. The update was done in Charleston, SC and the local dealer did it.
  19. Taycan software update - reported problems post update

    My update worked fine. It’s been 5 days and about 300 miles since then.