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  1. whitex

    Courtesy lights

    Are you sure? It might not be straightforward, but things like this are almost always possible, might take some tinkering/retrofitting.
  2. whitex

    Don't let this happen to you.....

    The first one is just two average people in an unusual to them situation (obviously rented truck meaning they don't do this every day, and yes, sadly common sense is a misnomer, nothing common about it). I saw the seconds one before, driver panicked and pressed the accelerator instead of the...
  3. whitex

    Anyone know how to contact Porsche NA CEO?

    I actually did read the entire lament and stand by my original statement - logistics in the COVID world are bananas and I can absolutely see how MY22 cars end up being delivered before MY21 outside of control of Porsche. Use your imagination a little. I can think of a number of reasons this...
  4. whitex

    Anyone know how to contact Porsche NA CEO?

    Maybe in USA PCNA knows they don't need to give any discounts to accept delayed '21s because they can sell them at MSRP or higher. I do think if the delivery is delayed beyond some reasonable threshold, PCNA should offer a complete deposit refund (did not deliver on contract terms), but beyond...
  5. whitex

    Anyone know how to contact Porsche NA CEO?

    Welcome to unpredictable world. I've ordered parts which took so long to arrive that I received two later orders before the original order arrived. Porsche in this case did not cause the delay, factors completely out of their control affected your delivery. As long as you can get your deposit...
  6. whitex

    Chart: Taycan Cross Turismo ground clearance heights -- with and without Offroad Design Package

    Perhaps the reason is marketing - to make the off road package look more functional to motivate more sales? The official marketing of the feature, while not actually making false claims, is somewhat misleading customers into thinking that the car gains additional ground clearance capabilities...
  7. whitex

    hmmm - my lovely Taycan is limited to 220 miles range - [Edit] I think it's the tires…

    What about the brake wear-in period during which recuperation is reduced or disabled? Does not not affect the range?
  8. whitex

    Backup Camera Quality to Improve?

    Which Tesla model are you talking about? On the S/X MCU1 and MCU2 the rear camera is passed in "as-is", hence people selling multiplexer kit which allows you to connect your own HDMI source, such as your phone or a custom mounted front camera - if there was any processing, the additional video...
  9. whitex

    4s Cross Turismo Problems

    Doesn't Porsche have any engineers skilled in debugging, who can go to a car which has a reliable repro of the problem, diagnose it and come up with a fix? Or are German engineers forced to work from home during COVID, therefore they cannot get their hands on a physical car with this problem and...
  10. whitex

    Security while driving your Porsche

    Wouldn't that work only if you are first at the light? Once you are boxed in by other cars, nowhere to go.
  11. whitex

    Security while driving your Porsche

    Seattle has similar problem, with defunding the police to the point where they officially don't respond to property crimes anymore (the enlightened left city government says whoever smashed your window and stole your stuff obviously needs it more than you do, and last thing they need is dealing...
  12. whitex

    Collection MY22 CT4S Dolomite this friday !

    It only changes the default height. With or without off-road-package the maximum height is the same. So if you have a seep driveway, just have the car...
  13. whitex

    Taycan died at Electrify America charger - how to deal with it if it happens to you

    Are you sure they didn't just an umbrella stand with shotguns to borrow instead? I mean like pedestrian crossing flags in some places - a bucket on each end to pick one up to cross, then drop it off on the other end. It would be so much faster than call and wait for an escort. 😝
  14. whitex

    Taycan died at Electrify America charger - how to deal with it if it happens to you

    Maybe a stupid question, doesn't Porsche have a way to reset it without the 20 minute wait? In all my Teslas there have always been a couple of resets you can trigger from the cabin, one via computer, one via a key press combination. If that fails, you can pop the frunk and disconnect both the...
  15. whitex

    I am watching the “sh*t show” that EA is live and in person

    Plug-and-charge is an open standard and its intent is to allow breaking down of the walled garden. Since it identifies each car with a VIN, you can wall of the garden to only a subset of manufacturers (based on VIN), or allow any VIN as long as it has a payment account associated with it...
  16. whitex

    I am watching the “sh*t show” that EA is live and in person

    Easy to say, but the devil is always in the details, and there are many, including but not limited to: Designing the RFID based payment system, including the software for all possible payment systems EA is using in the field today and in the future, and of course the back-end Designing the...
  17. whitex

    Slow Charging Profile Test by Out of Spec

    Dual use feature, make your battery last longer and save on idle fees if you plan to have dinner at a nearby restaurant. :giggle: All that aside, if fast DC charging really degrades the battery so much more, there should be some kind of indicator in the car of how degraded the battery is, how...
  18. whitex

    I am watching the “sh*t show” that EA is live and in person

    While more efficient, it opens the door to abuse. If you simply unplug and plug back in after the grace period, with a car without or with but disabled (in settings) plug-and-charge (so no VIN number or other way for the charger to identify the car), you could charge forever simply unplugging...
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    I am watching the “sh*t show” that EA is live and in person

    Ford sells a lot more cars and has a lot more revenue than Porsche. They have more resources (i.e. budget) to finish the product. Welcome to a niche brand. There is hope however, VW can spend the cash to write proper software and let Porsche use it. If you want to see an extreme example of niche...
  20. whitex

    I am watching the “sh*t show” that EA is live and in person

    I think what you're proposing are workarounds. The root problem is how they have designed their charging+payment system without considering failure modes and user experience. For example, there should be an offline operating mode, if charging station cannot activate based on regular methods...