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  1. Porsche Reinvents the Brake Rotor With PSCB (No Rust, Low Dust, No Fade!) – Engineering Explained

    Indeed. A major reason to include PSCB or PCCB as the only brakes on the Taycan range is because neither of them are susceptible to rust. My wife's Tesla Model S P100D uses the friction brakes when slowing finally to a stop and that seems to keep the brake rotors somewhat free of rust. The...
  2. Radar / Laser Detectors with Sound Thermally Insulated Glass

    Driver's side as high and tight to the windshield as possible. Needs the V1Gen2 forward facing antenna lens bulge to align with the pretty obvious (from outside) film cut-out area. The suction mount may barely work with the small cups that are already installed on the mount. A 3rd-party...
  3. Radar / Laser Detectors with Sound Thermally Insulated Glass

    I took the time to actually measure the radar transmission quality of the thermal glass in my dealer's demo Taycan Turbo using a portable radar source and an Agilent microwave power meter. On K-band, the effect was a loss of 23 dB (200:1). Pretty terrible for radar reception. I expect X-band...
  4. Dealing with the front license plate
  5. So based on the new EPA "Range" are you cancelling?

    I selected one of the most disturbing above quoted threads to read. I'm NOT alarmed by the actual content after reading through it. The reason for the markedly reduced range had nothing to do with A/C use. It was caused by a battery module failure which was addressed by Audi service. Really...
  6. EPA Taycan Turbo

    Here's a nice explanation of the choice of methods in EPA range testing:
  7. AMCI & EPA Taycan Turbo Range results

    Maybe not actually faulty, but open to interpretation:
  8. Differences between Turbo and Turbo S?

    I went with the Turbo over the Turbo S, even though I'm a Turbo-S-kind-of-guy. Reason? 9% better claimed range due to 20-inch wheels with better energy-efficiency-rated tires. I suffer from range anxiety, or (better said) Tesla range envy.
  9. Difference Turbo vs. Turbo S : Boost function

    The width and construction of the tires are the difference. The 21" tires are 20mm wider and are more "sport" oriented in design and "energy efficiency class C". The narrower 20" tires are compounded for better range instead of sporty grip and are "energy efficiency class B". The higher...
  10. Taycan Q&A
  11. $1,000 yearly EV registration fee?

    Ohio just passed a "gas tax" increase bill that includes a $200/yr registration fee for EVs and PHEVs. $100/yr for gas hybrids without an AC plug-in connection. The calculations seem to point to 15,000 miles/yr usage and recovery of the road-repair gas tax that was avoided by not using as much...
  12. Charging Opinions from a long time EV user

    Dave, Fabulous write up. Thanks so much. Please expand on having three EVs that somehow sequentially share the 100A capacity of your garage panel. I'm too thick to figure it out on my own.