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  1. VantaBlack

    Anyone planning on painting their car vanta black or not sure if its possible but black 3.0? Think it would look pretty sick on the taycan If so post pics please! I'd like to follow suit
  2. Customized Look for 20" Taycan Turbo Aero Wheels for $25 - What do you think?

    That actually looks really good! Have any ideas on how to alter the stock 19 inch wheels?
  3. Mission E Wheel Alternatives?

    Ya I saw that, looks pretty good but someone mentioned it could increase road noise and drag without the big brakes?
  4. Mission E Wheel Alternatives?

    First I will put my flame suit on....... I love the mission E wheels in white, just absolutely love it from first i laid eyes on them on the concept... I don't want to pay for the upgraded brakes/paint the dealer forces me to add Yes i bought a 100k+ car and can't afford another 10k.. Anyone...
  5. rimblades / rim savers?

    Interesting! I would consider those if they came in white.....kind of like a ghetto version of the mission E wheels which i love but refuse to pay for
  6. New Members Say Hello Here!

    Just placed an order yesterday! and wow porsche sent you that one? i got a cheapie ceramic paperweight.
  7. Taycan Waiting Room: Who has ordered and a delivery date?

    Ordered yesterday, was told there was a spot for Nov 2020. Other dealers I talked to said Q1 2021. for a taycan 4S model.