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  1. Latest Taycan Cross Turismo Prototype Spy Shots

    I imagine they will launch a Sport Turismo and a Cross Turismo. Just like an Audi A6 and A6 Allroad. And the concept is pretty much the final product.
  2. Glacier Blue Leds Accents - anyone have live picture of these lights on and off?

    You can see the details in this thread
  3. Standard Interior - who chooses this one?

    They all have leather seats. The "full leather" is for the dashboard, and door tops.
  4. Golf clubs in the boot

    This is the info on the UK configurator.
  5. Size of phone charging slot?

    The picture above is of the wireless charger.
  6. Golf clubs in the boot

    From what it says in the description of both Bose and Burmester options, the two bring a reduction in underfloor storage space, caused by the subwoofer.
  7. 2020 Taycan 4S Revealed by Porsche!

    US pricing for the 390kw version (Performance Battery) is $105,150, including destination. US pricing for the 420kw version (Performance Battery Plus) is $‭111,730‬, including destination. Press release: Porsche extends electric sports car model range with the Taycan 4S 10/14/2019 It...
  8. Comparison of prices around Europe and North America

    That's incredible. The difference in price for the rest of Europe is huge...