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  1. Cross Turismo vs Sport Turismo

    Tesla is offering official ceramic brake kit now. $20k I think. don't remember availability date. -ThinkMac-
  2. Mission R and Taycans @ the LA Auto Show

    excited. Going to check out LA Autoshow this week. -ThinkMac-
  3. Any Bay Area dealers for buying Taycan @ MSRP?

    No markups in Marin Porsche. Burlingame Porsche (Rector).
  4. Adaptive Headlights Finally Legal in US

    I would imagine this is totally do-able via OTA updates. I think I read the same thing for Range Rover with the matrix LED lights. Either in marketing material or brochure that it can become active once regulations allow. Same for Audi lights, so figure Porsche and VAG being so tight, let's...
  5. So who's changing their order to the GTS Sport Turismo?

    Mine's about to finish production in a few days. But am a little tempted. Although I think I'll stick with my CT for the suspension. Man, that electro-chromatic roof sure is nice. -ThinkMac-
  6. Public charging without cellphones?

    Sorry to say, but nowadays, you're gonna need your smart phone for a lot of things. You can keep trying to avoid it, but eventually you'll loose that battle. There's really NOT that much hassle to using the app, yes, cell reception is obvious, but those are far and few between. But, I don't...
  7. Taycan Order Mess Up ....Not Happy!

    What happened with the whole Track Your Dream process? Did you ever get an invite to open account? Track progress? Confirm config? Sorry, but there's quite a few things in place for you as a customer to notice these changes. Otherwise, your dealer is allocating your slot to another and just...
  8. CT Turbo S build questions

    not related to the leather. But I end up removing the 2+1 seat options because I ordered the 18-way seats. If you have 18-way, and get the rear 2+1 option, the rear seats have a different shape/pattern vs the front. I believe, the rear will look different than the front. Confirmed with my...
  9. First CT road trip today - 275 mile range!

    wow. That's great range. I was thinking I would be happy with 250miles. Great to know. Now this might be my new roadtrip car instead of the Model X. ha. Any extra noise from the roof fails? Where were you heading and how's the rest of the trip, charging wise? Thanks. With kids down in...
  10. CT4 first impressions

    Who did you end up using for your PPF work? -ThinkMac-
  11. So that's where all the Taycan buyers are. Marin.

    I'll add my CT to the Vegas list once I get it. thinking of retiring to Vegas. Will be there a lot more next year. -ThinkMac-
  12. So that's where all the Taycan buyers are. Marin.

    how are the roof rails? I decided to skip them after seeing the later configurator images where they're not really black anymore and has a big gap. But yours looks gloss black and no gap. Wonder if that's a change between '21s and '22s. -ThinkMac-
  13. So that's where all the Taycan buyers are. Marin.

    Need the 21" wheels to show off those carbon ceramics!! -ThinkMac-
  14. Family of Five- First Five Days with Neptune Blue CT

    Congrats!! Beautiful. Any issues with EA during your drive home? -ThinkMac-
  15. So that's where all the Taycan buyers are. Marin.

    Mamba was my first choice. Going for watermelon Taycan. But wife shut it down. Was going to wrap in PPF for matte finish to tone down the pop a little. But now I'll be wrapping a Gentian instead. :) -ThinkMac-
  16. So that's where all the Taycan buyers are. Marin.

    Wife likes blue. we got 2 blue Model X. So now the CT is Gentian Blue. I was getting a little tired of blue, but from pictures, it looks good. Seen other Porsche in Gentian, and it's growing on me. I want to see some of pictures of your Porsche version mill valley Prius. Or as my friends...
  17. So that's where all the Taycan buyers are. Marin.

    Dude!! I ordered with Marin a week after launch, but no more allocation, then got an allocation in July. Congrats!! So jealous. I really wanted it for 2021, tax reasons, but will have to be patient and wait. Hopefully there's no delays and I actually get it in Jan. At the time in March...
  18. So that's where all the Taycan buyers are. Marin.

    When did you ordered yours? I also ordered from Marin, but delivery is Jan 2022. Pictures, details, full review. We want the whole scoop. -ThinkMac-
  19. So that's where all the Taycan buyers are. Marin.

    ha. I'm in SF all the time, and maybe saw 1 Taycan a year ago. Mostly in SoMa for clients. So not in Pacific Heights area. -ThinkMac-
  20. So that's where all the Taycan buyers are. Marin.

    ok, good thing I'm down in SoCal, otherwise I'll have to upgrade to a Turbo S. :) -ThinkMac-