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  1. Front passenger seat rattles - my fix

    I was told by my service manager that my 8-way rattle is from the headrest, and that there is a service bulletin for it. They ordered a part “from Germany” about three months ago, but it still hasn’t arrived. They also told me that when it finally comes in, they will have to remove the seat and...
  2. How does everyone use their passenger display?

    I use the multiview; when I am going on a longer drive, I will activate it even when there is no passenger. Admittedly, I still almost never look at it. It's not especially useful in my view, because the things you can use it for are quite limited.
  3. Taycan glass roof without shade option

    It is quite dark for a glass roof. I don't notice any issues at all. I'm not exactly in Las Vegas, but I mostly drive in hot and humid months in NY.
  4. PPS in the US

    PPS is not really available here in the US; my understanding is that it has something to do with the EPA - not sure whether it is a problem with the product itself, disposal/cleanup or both. You could always have a body shop remove the parts, sand and paint the parts the color you want, and...
  5. Taycan Turbo Rear lower spoiler.

    That's my understanding. When I looked into this, I spoke to a body shop to understand what I would need. I decided against it ultimately, but it seemed like a pretty easy installation.
  6. Taycan Turbo Rear lower spoiler.

    Definitely, as Suncoast actually sells the conversion kit:
  7. Average household income really $900k?

    I suppose a couple of them could be. Most of them, unfortunately for them, have had to had at least their company compensation disclosed in public documents, so for them it is fairly easy. All of them live in >$3M houses and have jobs consistent with >$2M annual compensation (hedge fund, VC and...
  8. Average household income really $900k?

    It is clearly a regional thing, but in the NY area and the San Francisco area (the two areas of the country where I personally know Taycan owners), I would say every one of the 20 Taycan owners that I know makes more than $900k/year - a lot more. Not a great sample, but it does highlight that...
  9. PPF regrets?

    I would echo that nothing was meaningfully "disassembled." The only removal in my case was the front hood crest. If I had badging on the back, it also would have been removed (I believe).
  10. PPF + Ceramic Cost / Price

    I'm in the NYC area (Westchester) and paid $6500 for full body SunTek Reaction. I do think that shops that do "full sheet" (i.e., not templated) charge slightly more. SunTek is a templated product.
  11. Transitioning from Taycan to Etron GT

    Looks like it was my fault, so my bad. Is the aspect ratio as crunched in the Audi? I ask because my wife's A7 has a similar screen as the eTron GT and it has a slightly less distorted image than the Porsche. The biggest problem that people are citing for the Taycan is the extremely slimmed down...
  12. 8SP Light Strip with Porsche Logo in Black

    I believe that the idea was for "Porsche" to light up, but some jurisdictions prohibit what they intended, so they basically scrapped it.
  13. Transitioning from Taycan to Etron GT

    Just about everyone on this forum wants to know if the backup camera view is better on the Audi, as well, so your impressions on that would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Excessive Tire Punctures - Anyone else?

    I don't believe it is entirely bad luck or car-related. Since the pandemic, my area has seen a crazy increase in home remodeling and construction, as so many people are now upgrading their homes to be suitable for work/school from home. Dumpsters, piles of construction garbage and private trash...
  15. Last Minute Dilemma - SportDesign Front Apron

    If your car is not dark colored, I actually like the Turbo, not the Turbo S front apron, since it will be body colored. In any case, it is something like 1% of the people who even look at your car will notice. Definitely not worth the $. But if you've got piles of it, have at it!
  16. Wheel, air-scoops and aerodynamics

    The below were cited as good explanations in prior posts.
  17. Average household income really $900k?

    I suspect that it was a standard Q & A compiled by an internal PR person. Question was asked, someone found the answer, no one thought very hard about it.
  18. Average household income really $900k?

    I am not. Plenty of people in my area (which is often thought of as "hedge fund land") are driving Taycans. Many make upwards of $10M/year. Think of it this way: If Porsche sold 30 Taycans, and 29 buyers made $250K/year and just ONE makes $20M/year, the average buyer of those Taycans makes...
  19. PPF ?

    I did the whole car. The side panels have a surprising amount of horizontal surface to the the fender shape. My car was nicked on the driver rear panel above the tire by a falling acorn (on the way to get the PPF installed!).
  20. Average household income really $900k?

    It makes sense. It would not take many people with an income of, say, $10 million (or more) to skew the average to a high number. I think more interesting would be the median income.