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  1. XLR82XS

    Standard interior with burmester audio or leather interior with Bose

    I'm a big advocate for Burmester and had it in previous P-cars. In the case of the Taycan, get the full leather and BOSE. In my 22+ years in the OE and aftermarket automotive building and enthusiast arenas, this is the best BOSE installed in a Porsche.
  2. XLR82XS

    Differences in GT Sport steering wheel option

    Worth it to me - thicker grips are a must IMO. I drove a loaner 4S for a while without chrono/GT wheel and did not care for it. In the near future I'm having Exclusive Option make me a deviated stitching wheel with their even more increased thickness.
  3. XLR82XS

    Alternative phone charger

    Attached a cable via ports (i use rear)
  4. XLR82XS

    Alternative phone charger

    As most have experienced, including myself, they console charger rapidly heats up the phone to the point where it overheats. OP: what's wrong with putting the phone in the cupholder? I do when I'm charging via the rear seat ports. If not charging - phone stays in my pockets. (carplay)
  5. XLR82XS

    My Ice Grey Metallic Taycan 4S is finally here!!

    Congrats! Ice grey and chalk interior are awesome.
  6. XLR82XS

    Amount/quality of leather in Taycan

    Excellent decision.
  7. XLR82XS

    PPS in the US

    Ditto. I don't mind replacing a plastic front lower piece or side skirt and keeping original paint intact. My entire car has painted areas and headlights protected with Xpel Ultimate.
  8. XLR82XS

    50th anniversary - Dan Cooper

    Hard to believe it's been 50 years since the infamous skyjacking before Thanksgiving. Love him or hate him it was a bold move. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone! :turkey:🍗🍸
  9. XLR82XS

    Trippin' without Level 3 Chargers -

    No matter where I'm travelling - it's always faster in one of my P-cars. :cool: Life's too short to drive a Porsche like a Kia.
  10. XLR82XS

    Taycan Turbo Rear lower spoiler.

    You mean the rear diffuser? Yes, only differences are plastic, painted, carbon.
  11. XLR82XS

    Trippin' without Level 3 Chargers -

    I reside in S. Florida and have yet to see anywhere close to 340 at 100%. You must be very easy with the accelerator pedal. 😏
  12. XLR82XS

    Adaptive Headlights Finally Legal in US

    No. Full matrix capabilities span beyond auto high beam.
  13. XLR82XS

    Satin Aurum Paint Code
  14. XLR82XS

    App outage leaves Tesla owners stranded, unable to start their vehicles

    Makes me miss yesteryear sometimes..... good old metal key in tumbler! It felt so cool to upgrade to a remote keyless entry system. :rock:
  15. XLR82XS

    March 2022 deliveries

    Yes. No black interior. (2-tone colors are gorgeous) No black designation. (why pay for black emblems - cleaner look w/o emblem) Sport side skirts are a waste of $ IMO. All you get is a small painted inlay. Get crest on all 4 headrests - looks half-ass with only 2. Rear 2+1 seat is a joke. Get...
  16. XLR82XS

    Amount/quality of leather in Taycan

    The seat material is not smooth leather on standard interior. It's the pebble "leather".
  17. XLR82XS

    Options more expensive than the $460 400V/150 kW charging option…honestly wow…

    Put the car is reverse and roll down the windows - start moving. It can also be heard in drive when moving less than ~20mph.
  18. XLR82XS

    Taycan GTS Allocation situation?

    Not true for all dealers.