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  1. kreshi

    Taycan steering feel

    How about a 1995 Toyota Corolla?
  2. kreshi

    Porsche (or PCNA) deleted my car and my account, and customer support is worthless. How do I fix this?

    This should have been the very first move. I don’t understand how he just skipped that.
  3. kreshi

    Mission R quick drive review

  4. kreshi

    Charging At Porsche Dealers

    I talked to Porsche and the Team didn’t know the specific charge rate for the OPC chargers when using the Porsche card. They referred, like you guys, to the price listed on the Porsche charging Service Website. But I have used them and a friend too and we always got charged with a very low...
  5. kreshi

    Another Recall - AMC1 - Airbag

    Well you signed up for a brand new technology and platform from Porsche. You love the blame game don’t you.
  6. kreshi

    Another Recall - AMC1 - Airbag

    Im happy with going to the dealer. I get free coffee and snacks and a new Porsche (often 911) as a replacement.
  7. kreshi

    Tesla opened up in Netherlands

    I’ve said it before. Yes it’s a plus, but in Europe, especially Switzerland, I’m seeing way more other fast and slow chargers than the Tesla ones. It’s a nice addition to have extra charging options, but the time where Tesla’s network was the pure dominant figure in EV charging is definitely...
  8. kreshi

    Tesla opened up in Netherlands

    Im hearing in Switzerland too but no idea how to use the app. App wants me to add a Tesla 🥲
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    Have to get a Jaguar with every Taycan
  10. kreshi

    USB ports and Phone charging

    Doing exactly the same. I don’t want to use wired carplay and have my phone constantly bombarded with energy at 100% battery. Treating the phone the same way im treating my Taycan with just 80% charges 😅
  11. kreshi

    How good is your heated steering wheel!?

    I accidentally forgot to spec it… 🥲 I can only remember on my Cayenne it was steaming hot.
  12. kreshi

    Deposit placed for RS E-Tron GT

    Until I drove my first Porsche I was always an Audi geek. I still think the A7 is one of the most beautiful cars on the road. I have seen a couple e-tron GTs on the road now. To me it’s one of the worst looking Audis. The front is not bad at all, the back is horrendous and the side view is the...
  13. kreshi

    Surprise after Software Recall - 2020 Taycan has Wireless CarPlay

    I guess every Taycan so far from MY20 to 22 must have the exact same hardware. Porsche claiming some differences must be just some PR talk to motivate new sales. Glad some positives are coming along. Enjoy!
  14. kreshi

    Perfect car with a very bad / dangerous backup camera

    The camera is very bad. No one can deny that. People saying that you have to be able to rely on the camera or on any drivers assists for 100% are living in a distant utopian future. Reality is not like that and literally everyone from car makers to drivers clubs advice not to fully rely on the...
  15. kreshi

    No Displays - PCM, Passenger Screen and Center Console

    Barely ever had issues with my car and today this happened to me out of nowhere. Two Finger reboot fixed it. No recent updates whatsoever. I figure it’s the usual Taycan lifestyle 🥲
  16. kreshi

    Perfect car with a very bad / dangerous backup camera

    I completely agree. But, how on earth is a "HEY PORSCHE FIX THIS ASAP" thread useful? It is about a topic that has been talked about extensively on the forum. The search function works like a charm. If 6 word threads are a good thing to you and others, then I'm in the wrong forum.
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    Perfect car with a very bad / dangerous backup camera

    Im sorry but how is this thread helping anyone?
  18. kreshi

    PCM 6 in the Taycan

    Didn’t members here already get their MY22s? Did they get it with the new PCM version? I asked my dealer yesterday and no PCM updates are in sight right now..
  19. kreshi

    Service cost

    You lose warranty if the services of the car aren’t done at Porsche -in Europe. 😵‍💫
  20. kreshi

    Service cost

    Sounds like another case of some internet trolls to me. If you can get tires cheaper than Porsche, then go get them. Who is stopping you? Porsche does not care where you get your tires from. Calling people things and being mad that they chose to buy a Taycan already dismisses the credibility.