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  1. CT4S Ice Grey

    inside shots? great choice
  2. Wax or ceramic coating for Dolomite Silver ?

    I've never heard of this tinting effect. Do other folks get the same results?
  3. Has anyone seen a sportdesign kit like this?

    vomit! reminds me of 20 yr old Hyundai.
  4. question on US headlights vs. EU Headlights

    awesome info. I think many folks on this site would be thrilled to be able to hack this feature
  5. question on US headlights vs. EU Headlights

    the EU version has headlights that black out oncoming cars but illuminate everything else. Those are illegal in the US. My question is could a US person import that system and swap it in a Taycan?
  6. My 850 mile trip from Oxford, UK to Lake Como Italy

    need pictures! thanks
  7. Allocations?

    what was that experience like? -working w Cartelligence
  8. Storage compartment dimensions?

    those are some short inches. ;)
  9. Western Europe Taycan road-trip report

    best thread ever.
  10. 8 Hours at PEC Atlanta Experience - A Review

    When you come to BHM, let me know I'll come by and say hi!
  11. off topic, but

    close! $110K plus auction fee of 5k
  12. 8 Hours at PEC Atlanta Experience - A Review

    Thanks so much for all that info. Super interesting.
  13. off topic, but

    Leaf Green. Super rare according to Renbow:
  14. off topic, but

    too much!
  15. off topic, but

    Guys: I have an order in for a TCT and its taking forever. So I got bored and started obsessing over air-cooled 911s. And I bought this ride 2 days ago. I can't wait to drive it 1971 911T . Thought I'd share.