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  1. TomC

    Due to test drive Turbo S at Silverstone… TTS arrives in Feb.

    Not as bad as you're thinking: I did curb it a few months ago, but Porsche Cambridge (who I'm trading the Turbo in for the Turbo S) took a look and said it was fine and not to bother repairing...
  2. TomC

    UK: When did you order and when did (or will) your car arrive?

    Similar situation here. They must be putting exceptional care into the manufacturing of our cars for them to take 6 weeks. Probably just adding a few extra HP, just for us.
  3. TomC

    Due to test drive Turbo S at Silverstone… TTS arrives in Feb.

    I always smile when I see these threads. Having only passed my driving license in June, I have the least amount of driving experience of anyone on these forums, but I have found no issues with having a Turbo (with a Turbo S on order). Just don't ask me to park it.
  4. TomC

    UK: When did you order and when did (or will) your car arrive?

    That’s awesome. I would have almost (I repeat: almost) felt bad if mine had arrived before yours. We should meet-up half-way (Bury St Edmunds?) and admire what £300k of combined metal and leather looks like.
  5. TomC

    UK: When did you order and when did (or will) your car arrive?

    I imagine yours is due within days of mine as well. We’ll have to do a meet-up.
  6. TomC

    UK: When did you order and when did (or will) your car arrive?

    Porsche Cambridge contacted me last week to say everything is on track for mid-Nov/beginning Dec. My Turbo entered V334 (Exit factory compound Kornwestheim) in February and I had the car 28 days later; were that to happen with the Turbo S then I'll be collecting it on my birthday. As usual I'm...
  7. TomC

    2020 Taycan 4S vs 2021 Ford Mach-e GT

    Thanks for the write-up, Chris. I'm sorry to see you leaving us, but could the writing on the wall as over the last year your enthusiasm levels went from 11 to completely-fed-up. Porsche has not lived up to anywhere close a premium brand for you, so in a way I'm pleased to see you replace your...
  8. TomC

    Dolomite silver or Volcano?

    I live in a country where it rains every 8 seconds; that's not a good mixture with Volcano Grey. It's so beautiful when just cleaned, but even after a single journey it can lose the appeal from all the visible dirt. It also lacks the lines that really show off in the lighter colours. We saw...
  9. TomC

    Dolomite silver or Volcano?

    I have a Volcano Grey with 20" Sport Aero Wheels and decided within 2 weeks of owning it that I made a mistake with the wheels and colour, so I ordered a Turbo S in Dolomite Silver 21" Mission E Wheels.
  10. TomC

    Optional insurance

    When I ordered my Turbo, the dealer presented the below list of optional insurances. I never bothered; I've got it ingrained in me not to bother with most insurance. I proudly upgrade every year to yet another caseless, insuranceless iPhone, knowing I've now saved so much I can afford...
  11. TomC

    Is Taycan Turbo S too much as a daily driver

    I received my driving license in June and drive a Turbo; me thinks you're gonna be a-ok in a Turbo S. And if you're not, that means I'm a better driver than you. No pressure.
  12. TomC

    Finger in the air depreciation..

    Here’s my example of a 6 month old Taycan: I will be (hopefully) selling it in the next 6-8 weeks when my Turbo S arrives and will update that thread to say how much I received. That will give you an idea of having a car less than 9...
  13. TomC

    Owning 2 Taycans

    What’s the use case? If you sellotape them together will you get twice the range and power?
  14. TomC

    How did you pay for your Taycan?

    As already suggested, you are going to get wildly different answers depending on where someone is based. In the UK there’s huge tax incentives for buying an electric car, specifically around reducing corporation tax. We just came off our best year, so even if I could lease (which I could not...
  15. TomC

    Deposit at point of order

    £10k for Turbo S; £5k for Turbo
  16. TomC

    Bose system on the Taycan, is it a good system?

    I have Bose, but decided for my new Turbo S to get the Burmester. I will live to regret that, as it will just mean more speakers blasting our most frequent playlist Maybe this is what hell is.
  17. TomC

    It’s here! I can’t wait till Monday…

    Congrats - it looks awesome. My wife is from Czech Republic so we’re out in Prague quite regularly. I hope to see you driving around, racing the trams.
  18. TomC

    Taycan Turbo S vs. Model S Plaid - really by this much!?

    Fraid not, ol' chap. Your argument is: I need irrefutable proof. Regardless of what is put forward there's a counter argument to it being considered categorical proof, so I just saved everyone the effort of reading it.
  19. TomC

    Taycan Turbo S vs. Model S Plaid - really by this much!?

    I just wanted to help with this thread, for anyone new coming along. In summary: we are after irrefutable proof that the Taycan came around due to Tesla. This proof can only be deemed acceptable if we have the CEO of Porsche calling a press conference to announce it, with preference towards...
  20. TomC

    UK delivery production delays

    I’ve finally hit the lock date, so I no longer need to look at the configurator every 18.3 seconds: It’s gone into pre-production and I’m being told mid-November it’ll be mine. I bought my Turbo from the same dealer...