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  1. Tyre scrubbing and juddering at full turning lock - only on 21" alloys?

    I experienced this judder yesterday whilst doing a U-turn with full lock. I have the 21-inch wheels but no RAS. Good to know this is normal.
  2. Fixed Charging Period with Octopus Go

    I have Octopus Go and EO Mini Pro 2. Taycan is set to the General profile, and the EO Mini Pro 2 is set to be active between 00:30 to 04:30, and never missed a beat.
  3. Solution to cover the cup holders?

    I don’t smoke but I got the smoking package to cover the cup holders.
  4. FROZEN BLUE Taycan Club

    Same here! I went with all gloss black accents including wheels. I hope you enjoy it! Depending on the lighting the blue changes intensity, which is beautiful.
  5. FROZEN BLUE Taycan Club

    I’m excited for you new fellow FBM club members!
  6. FROZEN BLUE Taycan Club

    Fresh and clean.
  7. Standard interior

    No regrets, it’s been good so far, especially cleaning and maintenance. There isn’t any fake leather, it’s high quality plastic on the dashboard and doors used for the standard interior. Materials feel great, and no rattle. I’ve sat in Taycans with standard and full leather, which feels nicer...
  8. Standard interior

    I have the standard interior. Diagram matches up. Steering wheel is also leather alongside the seats.
  9. 2022 Taycan's quality?

    No issues so far with my 3 month old MY21 🙌
  10. IONITY charging issue

    I can’t remember if I the parking brake on, but I did turn off the car. Still, that’s really good to know! My car has successfully charged since then.
  11. PPF tear repair

    @REIL fantastic! XPEL comes with a 10 year warranty to cover peeling or defects. I’m glad your installer fixed it without charge.
  12. PPF tear repair

    I reattached the photo. I’ve put on some cello tape for now.
  13. PPF tear repair

    I got a small tear 5cm wide in the PPF on the front bumper yesterday; cause is unknown. Paint seems to be fine, so the PPF did it’s job. I’ll call the installer tomorrow, but in the meantime, how should I temporarily patch this up?
  14. Paint defect

    It was the same for me. It’s been like that for a few weeks, but it dried up overnight.
  15. Paint defect

    It looks like it was shrinkage on the PPF. After being there for a few weeks, and upon closer inspection the issue has seemed to resolved itself. Before: After:
  16. Paint defect

    I’ve contacted the dealership. Hopefully they can do something about it, but I’m not holding my breath. It probably was the PPF installers.
  17. Paint defect

    Nah, I didn’t. Thanks for letting me know.
  18. Paint defect

    I’ve noticed a tiny paint defect or blemish (cracked paint), which is covered by PPF. Do I raise this with the dealership for correction, assuming it’s covered by warranty?