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  1. Race-Tex Aging

    Certainly if it’s a daily driver where you just want to get in and drive, then the leather option will be more user friendly, I suspect.
  2. Race-Tex Aging

    How difference is ‘Race-tex’ to the Alcantara wheels of old? After 7 years and almost 20,000 miles, the alcantara wheel on my 991.1 GT3 still looked great, but the car was maintained fastidiously.
  3. Taycan GTS Sport Turismo on order... saying goodbye to my Cross Turismo argh!

    Thanks, in that case, I think I’ll go with ACC at this stage.
  4. Taycan GTS Sport Turismo on order... saying goodbye to my Cross Turismo argh!

    Anyone have experience with the Innodrive? Does it really benefit the usable range that much? I don't particular want it for the (limited) self-driving aspects. Any other reasons to include it on a spec?
  5. Taycan GTS Sport Turismo on order... saying goodbye to my Cross Turismo argh!

    should be Q2 2022 according to the press release. I’ve been in contact with my dealer about this car for the last 6 months or more and placed a deposit yesterday morning, so am hoping to get one if their first cars. the Sport Turismo addresses everything I didn’t like about the Cross Turismo...
  6. PTV+ versus rear wheel steering on a CT 4S

    thanks - did they explain why? It seems like they do similar things!
  7. PTV+ versus rear wheel steering on a CT 4S

    Given a choice of either torque vectoring or rear wheel steer, which do you think would be most beneficial to the way the Taycan drives. Or are neither really necessary: I’m currently reviewing my spec, but trying to keep the price as low as possible!
  8. Help with Choice

    Nice spec, Volcano grey would also be my colour choice - I’d go with black leather rather than grey, but it’s what you think looks best!. personally I’d remove the rear light strip, remove Innodrive (which you won’t use on your commute) and save a good chunk by not having the Turbo S wheels...
  9. Final spec!!

    This basically confirms my point? Article says: 1. Increase in cost: Alloy wheels +8% 2. When determining the increase in premiums, insurance companies consider three main risk factors: If the modification will raise the risk of theft by making the car more attractive to thieves If it...
  10. Final spec!!

    And if you don’t tell your insurer about the new wheels, you’re at risk of not being insured.
  11. Final spec!!

    If you are deliberately underinsured then (at best) your payout will be ratio‘d accordingly and (at worst) your claim will be refused. Maybe I’ve missed something, but why not just find a different insurer? Plenty of Porsche’s are over £100k!
  12. 2021 Audi RS e-tron GT Prototype Review

    Will be interested in what Audi do as far as an ‘Avant’ version, to compete with the Taycan Cross Turismo. if the Taycan C-T is more ‘mini-SUV’ style, while the Audi is lower, but with a more practical loadspace, that could be the clincher for me.
  13. Taycan Cross Turismo spotted with new wheel design

    I don’t mind the shape, but it’s riding far too high - I want a Sport Turismo not a Cross Turismo I.e. a more spacious/practical Taycan, not an SUV Taycan.