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  1. wemct

    Seat Massage & Ventilation

    I still use it, and will include it in all future cars.
  2. wemct

    Activating Porsche Charging Service

    Make sure you are completing the section that requires your credit card information. It is required for billing purposes in case you exceed the 30 minute free session.
  3. wemct

    Charging Planner - New Feature

    2020 Taycans don't have Plug and Charge
  4. wemct

    New 4s only 800mi on car/Brakes (PSCB) squealing

    I have not had any squealing from my PSCB even after a week outdoors without being driven.
  5. wemct

    MAMBA GREEN Taycan Club

    Congrats. Enjoy.
  6. wemct

    Precool/heat Button in Center Console Display

    I use it when I am running an errand/shopping and want to keep the interior of the car cool or warm for when I return.
  7. wemct

    -20% loss in battery capacity due to outside temperature drop.

    My car is currently in Connecticut where the temps have dropped, 44F at the moment. My car is parked outside. Tonight I went to a new to me EA station in Stamford Connecticut. I preconditioned and was at 13% SOC upon arrival. Great charging session. Peaked at 256kW and was still at 160kw at 68%...
  8. wemct

    Charging Planner - New Feature

    Oops, the trip was from Georgia to Connecticut (corrected). BTW, anyone who lives in the Atlanta area knows that sitting in Atlanta traffic could be the same amount of time as driving to Connecticut :)
  9. wemct

    Charging Planner - New Feature

    Here is the step by step (it's a bit lengthy)... I use the following three things to plot out my routes for a road trip: Porsche Factory Navigation: I input the final destination for the day in the factory navigation (e.g. Aloft Raleigh Durham Airport Hotel). The Porsche Charger Planner does...
  10. wemct

    Charging Planner - New Feature

    I am doing another one of my long distance drives from Georgia to Atlanta Connecticut. Today's leg was 400 miles to Raleigh, North Carolina. I noticed that as one of the feature updates, now when you use the Porsche Charging Planner with the factory navigation to select an Electrify America...
  11. wemct

    Ventilated Seats not working

    You can also reconfigure the split of the fans between the seat cushion and back.
  12. wemct

    85 % Battery charging - where does this recommendation come from?

    I have had my car for about 19 months. I charge to 100% before road trips. I charge to 85% when I drive locally. I leave it at 85% for extended periods (1 to 4 weeks at a time). I have not experienced any noticeable decrease in range other than the normal decrease due seasonal temperature...
  13. wemct

    85 % Battery charging - where does this recommendation come from?

    If you want a technical explanation, see post #39 in the link. Fyi, I recently bought a new Samsung cellphone, and it too has a setting to limit charging to 85% to protect the battery.
  14. wemct

    Aston Martin

    I have owned three. The last one was a twin turbo V12 DB11. I bought it less than a year before the Taycan. Gorgeous car. It didn't get enough love after I got my Taycan. I sold the AM.
  15. wemct

    does any one know?

    Good point on the Level 2 vs DC fast chargers.
  16. wemct

    does any one know?

    First of all on the Taycan lower screen during charging press the mi/min it will change it to kW. See post number 54 in the link below.
  17. wemct

    Tinting Windows

    Here is 35% (it's the legal limit in Georgia).
  18. wemct

    Massage seats?

    I don't notice anything when the massage seats are off (no lumps or added stiffness). It is still one of my favorite options especially for road trips.
  19. wemct

    Transferability of Free 3 Years of Electrify America Charging?

    @madeyong - perhaps you should call Porsche Cars North America to ask if the initial 3 years of free 30 minute EA charging, as well as the other Porsche Connect features (these are more important than the free charging) are transferable (or if you need to pay a new subscription fee).
  20. wemct

    Tinting Windows

    Nano ceramic is awesome for heat rejection. I have 35% on the sides and rear (75% on the windshield). With the black leather interior, the 35% is dark enough that I can leave items on the back seats that remain fairly well concealed.