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  1. Innodrive has new Tesla type behavior and graphics

    Could be new to the US? Before innodrive would warn and slow down at stop signs, and with a navigation point put in it would slow down and suggest changing lanes to make an exit. Is this driving somehow better now, as in not taking highway curves at the ridiculously uncomfortable speed it did...
  2. Bizarre 'whistleblower' claims “60% of all delivered Taycan have battery issues that caused replacements, damages and fires”

    As a former journalist, I find this to be normal. An FT writer won't care until a few industry specific blogs pick it up and start writing about it -- then they might dig in. Normally going to a reporter with this type of content leads them to shelve it as its too risky to just run with it.
  3. Mission R quick drive review

    There is no hint that this will be mass marketed tho. This appears to be a club sport only model. but I was guessing it would be the base research for the boxster/cayman electeric
  4. Standard interior with burmester audio or leather interior with Bose

    Vote for the leather too, and I didn’t even get the leather. The Bose system is extremely well tuned and the burm system is not as good as the comparable 3D burm system in Mercedes. even funnier note the mid tier burm system in Mercedes is actually just a tuned HK system.
  5. Mission R quick drive review

    Will this be in clubsport trim only? If so I’m guessing what 300-400k? also why 2025 if it’s already so buttoned up?
  6. 🏁 World Premiere: 2022 Taycan GTS Sedan and GTS Sport Turismo

    The real comparison between any model 4S and GTS is never that impressive. Its always just a performance parts package. Disappointing that they tried to frame it otherwise here: Real comparison here shows a tiny 4% power difference. I'm sure it's a great car, but Porsche is not usually so...
  7. 🏁 World Premiere: 2022 Taycan GTS Sedan and GTS Sport Turismo

    I like how they disingenuously compare 4s horsepower to gts power with launch control. (460 vs 520 lc). Makes the gts seem like a much bigger jump than it is
  8. Average household income really $900k?

    🤷 lf they want to keep you there is no 4 year cliff.
  9. Average household income really $900k?

    Depends on tenure accumulation. A 7 year L3 to L7 vs a hired L7 can result in very different totals.
  10. Average household income really $900k?

    Tl;dr windfalls spend different. Not so surprising I guess.
  11. Average household income really $900k?

    if it’s the white one it’s probably mine running in to get smoothies at joes.:CWL: I am pretty shocked that people are shocked by this. Because I’m shocked people are buying 200k cars with the majority of their income/wealth. This is by far the most expensive car I ever got at 105k and I...
  12. Average household income really $900k?

    900 or 1m I forget. Went a lot higher than the normal ones I see that all stop at 250k
  13. Average household income really $900k?

    They ask… I received a survey and this was one of the questions.
  14. Average household income really $900k?

    Many many of the wealthy here don't have income. Or to put it in better context, with the average single family home being 5 million+, ain't no one making under a few million living here. Public stats don't really capture the right data for places like this.
  15. Manual (unpowered) charge port questions

    my bad, I just hate that design so much!
  16. Average household income really $900k?

    That's about right from what I see in Pacific heights. There are 10-20 in the area alone and Marin Porsche is selling more than any other dealer in the nation I believe. Average income here is around $1m but actually much much higher due to the fact that many here don't take any traditional...
  17. Manual (unpowered) charge port questions

    Flap closes automatically but gets stuck on the fast charging flap very easily. It’s a really crappy design.
  18. Brand New 4S post-kids' soccer game... ugh!!

    The back of the seats is leatherette not hard plastic. Should be easy to clean and not have deep scuffs like hard plastic gets. Unless they tore the leatherette.
  19. So that's where all the Taycan buyers are. Marin.

    The pac heights-Marin coffee run I do most afternoon breaks involves at least 2 taycans every day. There are 10 on the street in this neighborhood alone.
  20. Taycan Brake Fade

    Are you on an incline? The hold feature works on a deep press but it also auto engages when the system detects approaching 0 speed on a higher degree angle of attack