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  1. Bry5on

    CT alarm issue, how common is it?

    deleting the apps had no effect for me. I’ve removed them all from my phone and still today have the issue, sadly.
  2. Bry5on

    Tyre pressures dropped suddenly

    It’s all in the PCM. Set it up with your wheels, tires, and load setup and the system will provide you with Porsche’s ideal pressure for a balance of road holding, efficiency, wear and feedback. The door frame sticker is a catch all that’s always *safe* but not optimized. If you’re interested...
  3. Bry5on

    Rubber Floormat Set - Taycan

    Your rear mats are backwards and flipped L/R. My dealer made the same mistake. :) The rubber mats come with an extra bit to allow them to hang on a display rack, that bit needs to be cut off with scissors
  4. Bry5on

    CT alarm issue, how common is it?

    This echoes my experience, including deleting the app(s).
  5. Bry5on

    Stupid consent form

    Turn off private relay on your apple devices
  6. Bry5on

    Suspension Noise over potholes and manholes

    My hatch latch clunks a bunch on rough roads, it’s worse in the lower and stiffer modes. I did remove some of the trim and had a passenger ride in the back to figure it out - it looks like there’s not much to do to quiet it down as the noise seems like it’s coming from inside the latch. Other...
  7. Bry5on

    Manual (unpowered) charge port questions

    I’ll take less lift for -$500 please, Alex. Manual doors here
  8. Bry5on

    PCM connection to Porsche Server

    Mine has failed every time I charge AFTER locking the car after a couple hours has passed (charging at work, when a kind coworker plugs me in after they’re done) and maybe 1/3 of the time when charging while unlocked. CarPlay also doesn’t work after this happens, I get a black screen when I...
  9. Bry5on

    Anyone looking to get a GTS @ MSRP?

    Same word I’m getting. Dealers have allocations but spec is locked on all of them.
  10. Bry5on

    My Cross Turismo 4S 'Sport' - Painted Arches

    There are holes for clips in the front and rear bumpers for the arches, about half inch in diameter just above the lower black trim line. Other than one clip per corner of the car they appear stuck on. Front: rear:
  11. Bry5on

    So who's changing their order to the GTS Sport Turismo?

    Just got my CT but I’m gonna have to make the switch. Oof
  12. Bry5on

    Taycan GTS Allocations - Allocated to US Dealers

    I’m interested in a sport turismo allocation to swap for my just purchased cross turismo. If you’ve got a line on a dealer that has an open sport turismo, particularly one that’s in the western US, I’ll take their info.
  13. Bry5on

    Anyone got the Porsche roof bars and box?

    The holes are there on the macan also, I think they’re just a visual indicator for where to mount the cross bars. We have a rack on our macan and that’s what I used them for
  14. Bry5on

    First CT road trip today - 275 mile range!

    I get far worse range normally, about 220-230 miles, I’m not easy on this thing. Screen shot from the beginning of the trip, 5 minutes in: Next time I’ll turn AC off as I’m sure that would have saved me some range and also kept my lips from getting chapped. I really wish it was smart enough to...
  15. Bry5on

    Part number question: Cross Turismo -> Sport Turismo

    ~10mm drop. Perhaps others aren’t familiar with the feeling of hitting bump stops or maybe their roads aren’t garbage? Switching from low -> lowered -> normal makes a very marked difference when hitting things like 2” hard transitions from pavement to concrete. Maybe folks are used to or okay...
  16. Bry5on

    Part number question: Cross Turismo -> Sport Turismo

    No chance it was delivered with shipping blocks, I’ve had all four wheels off and poked around. Small bumps and highway travel are no problem, it’s mostly driving around crappy Bay Area roads where it nails the bump stops. It happens most notably in range mode (low height and light damping) on...
  17. Bry5on

    First CT road trip today - 275 mile range!

    The car is a damn bank vault, if the rails were adding noise, then I definitely couldn’t tell. I have the insulated glass option. I was headed to LA, made it to my destination with 115 miles of range, so pretty uneventful. I’ll be doing the drive from the bay to Vegas, then Vegas to San Diego...
  18. Bry5on

    First CT road trip today - 275 mile range!

    The car did great. I left with a cold battery at 99% charge and drove 262 miles in range mode with 13 miles to spare, mostly down I5 headed south from the Bay Area. The EA charger I used in Bakersfield worked great and took me from 5-85% in the 25 minutes it took me to grab a bite to eat and a...
  19. Bry5on

    Lowering Links Cross Turismo

    They come with the height sensors, so they’re about $170 each! Looks like the links are not separable in the catalog :(
  20. Bry5on

    Lowering Links Cross Turismo

    I can confirm that should be correct