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  1. MrJack

    Video of Lap at Vallelunga circuit (ITA) with my 2021 Taycan 4S

    This is one lap during track day last sunday in Italy (Vallelunga Circuit)
  2. MrJack

    European trips and use of high speed chargers

    Many public chargers in italy come from ENELX, you can use the app JuicePass and register you credit card, you can start the charge with the app or if you want they send to you a card to use. If you come in Rome let me know.
  3. MrJack

    RWD driving experience

    The math say other.... you must do 344/2050 and 650/2220 if you want some number about Nm/kg. and in this way you will see 0,168 Nm/Kg for RWD and 0,293 Nm/kg for 4S...
  4. MrJack

    Dash cams This cam use the same wiring system (YOU MUST ORDER MOD T98S for our taycan), but i...
  5. MrJack

    Dash cams

    Ok, it's very simple, to mount, if you need i i try to explain better all the procedures. The wiring system is simple too the cam has wiring with two connectors, you must attach one instead of the connector for the rain sensor and the second to the rain sensor. The connector for the rain sensor...
  6. MrJack

    How to play VIDEOS in the Taycan's PCM Screen

    Good, what mmb software version do you have on it?
  7. MrJack

    Dash cams

    The second.... you have adapter that connect to rain sensor inside the rear mirror housing
  8. MrJack

    Dash cams

    Just installed FITCAMX on my taycan. Really simple.
  9. MrJack

    Range Mode Speed Limiting Issue

    For me all problems come from connection issue between PCM and Porsche server. I send many video to Porsche dealer for describe every issue that i still have, the most annoying is the apple music availability, phone connection to the car, and car connection to server too. This problem appear one...
  10. MrJack

    Any way to have CarPlay only come up when I push the CarPlay button?

    It's simple to do... First delete your device from the list by swiping left Find new device on carplay and connect the iphone When the PCM ask to you if you want connect the phon with pcm or carplay answer PCM After that you will be able to connect the iphone with carplay simply by touching...
  11. MrJack

    Porsche Dashcam - What did I miss?

    Do you know if they ship in italy? Can you send one video recorded with dashcam? Thank you
  12. MrJack

    Tire pressure

    I have 21" wheels with 2.7 bar for all cold tyres. I've noticed that with higer pressure (3.0 bar) the car is too much hard and has little bit oversteering reactions.
  13. MrJack

    What’s your Taycan efficiency?

    yes you must divide Wh/km to obtain KWh/100Km
  14. MrJack

    Efficiency rating of wheel options

    I've 21" mission E and Pirelli tyres. I tried 3.0/3.1 bar pressure and for me the car become really really too hard with a little bit oversteering, i prefer 2.7 with cold tyre that become these days 3.0 during travel.
  15. MrJack

    What’s your Taycan efficiency?

    Taycan 4S 21" mission E Winter Tyres
  16. MrJack

    WMA5/WMA6 updates spring 2021

    After one week update i notice the same problem.... apple music appear and disappear, same for range settings and connection issues, really annoyng.
  17. MrJack

    PMCC Software Update This Morning

    You must connect the phone with the hotspot of charger. After that you must use browser on the phone and put address (in my case) and login with password provided with the charger, after this you can go on settings. Maybe you can use this method too, leave on the wifi connection on...
  18. MrJack

    PMCC Software Update This Morning

    I try to explain, the pc or the phone don't take the gmt offset from router, the pc and iphone take the time from internet server, the pmcc theke the time from wifi or router. In my case was setted wrong, after modification the time and the other things was right.