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  1. December 2021 Delivery

    For anyone on the Asteria Leader it just left the Port. Current ETA San Diego is 12/28. Interesting that with all the delays my Car left one week earlier than the original date I was given in July. However, after talking to the Dealer I will miss the year end cutoff by 2-3 days. To make the...
  2. Delivery of CT4 in Neptune Blue / Olea Club Leather Interior in Truffle Brown

    Beautiful interior. While these are very good photos it looks even better in person.
  3. December 2021 Delivery

    Do you have Track Your Dreams(TYD)? The name of the Boat is listed. Go to phase 9 and it will list the Ship if you are on it. Mine just listed 24 hrs or less before the ship is leaving. You can also call Porsche customer service at 1-800-767-7243 and they will give you updates. They can also...
  4. December 2021 Delivery

    For those of you more experienced than me here is a question. TYD says my car has been at Emden for a week. It’s says the next phase is on a vessel on Dec 17th(there is no Vessel on that date but I realize it’s just an estimate) and the name of the Vessel is Asteria Leader. TYD JUST UPDATED...
  5. Glovis Supreme left Emden

    I think you might have the wrong dates. From Emden to Ca is 27-37 days. I’m scheduled to leave Emden 12/17 arrive San Diego 1/14. 28 days. Hoping to make an earlier date as I’m sitting now at Emden.
  6. Which EV-related stocks have you invested in?

    Was able to get RIVIAN pre IPO. In two weeks went from $78-179-$120
  7. Rcc Classic December delivery

    Could be sitting because they are missing something as opposed to delays at the Port.
  8. Infrastructure Bill passed. I don’t think this is good.

    However is it likely that regardless when passed it will be retroactive to 12/31/21. Like many other people on this forum I have a 1/22 delivery .
  9. My Cross Turismo 4S 'Sport' - Painted Arches

    Has anyone removed the plastic wheel arches since this posting? Still wondering if it is finished when removed.
  10. So who's changing their order to the GTS Sport Turismo?

    Tks I had seen this. My real q is if I remove the black plastic on the Arches what has to be done to the paint underneath? Will it be as simple as having it polished or would it have to be repainted? I know there was previous discussion on this but no one has reported actually doing this. I’m...
  11. So who's changing their order to the GTS Sport Turismo?

    I would still like to see the Wheel Cladding be self colored. I am still curious to find out if it can be removed and what condition the Arches would be in or paint the Black Plastic.
  12. PPF + Ceramic Cost / Price

    I’m not familiar with NYC Pricing but in Santa Barbara: Nose (presume this is full hood, front etc)- $2100 Ceramic $1000-$1500. May not be Pro Gold I would never have the dealer do the work. They most likely are just a middleman and are marking up their cost. Tire package I would never buy...
  13. December 2021 Delivery

    Are the emails from your Dealer or Porsche?
  14. Wallbox Pulsar Plus vs. ChargePoint Home Flex

    I have also been looking at the Chargepoint. But I’m wondering why some people are not using the Porsche device? What is the main thing Porsche is missing?
  15. December 2021 Delivery

    What stage is your car currently?
  16. Anyone considering move to Lucid Air?

    I had put a Deposit down a year ago before ordering my Taycan CT. I did not like the two tone Seat colors. Also very limited interior options. I also felt the Car was too low. No air suspension which was odd. No one could ever tell me the ground height and there are no published figures. It’s...
  17. Delivery of CT4 in Neptune Blue / Olea Club Leather Interior in Truffle Brown

    I have it coming in on my Cherry Metallic and I also had not seen it. I like the standard stitching.
  18. Jan Delivery

    I have been tracking my car with all of the TYD changes for 4 months. I have had 15 changes sometimes 2x in a day. They have been on numerous different days of the week. For example not just on Fridays. So far I’m 3 weeks behind my original Jan 7th delivery date, which is not too bad, but my...
  19. Infrastructure Bill passed. I don’t think this is good.

    Looks like the Bill is not passing so quickly. Also looks like the Union made additional allowance may be dead. Manchin is objecting to that part. What happens if the Bill passes in 2022 is it retroactive to 12/31/21?