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  1. Tyre scrubbing and juddering at full turning lock - only on 21" alloys?

    Yep, this is one of those “yes, they all do that” situations. On the 981/982 Boxsters I’ve had in the past, backing out of a parking spot or my garage at full lock in cold and wet conditions would definitely lead to scrub/hop at the front tires.
  2. Which brand / model 20in all season tires came w/ your CT?

    I’ll learn not to try to shop for tires while in a Zoom meeting. :) Michelin *does* have XL load rated Pilot Sport All-Season 4 tires. They’re available in the proper size for the front 20” wheels, but not in the “official” 285/40R20 size for the rear…
  3. Which brand / model 20in all season tires came w/ your CT?

    That’s my impression also - but it seems Michelin is not making a version of the PIlot Sport All-Season with the XL weight rating needed for the Taycan. :( So it appears that the Conti or Pirelli are the only choices at this time…. But if your configuration shows Michelins are a choice at...
  4. Which brand / model 20in all season tires came w/ your CT?

    I was also wondering if people had any opinions about which of the 20” all-season choices (Continental ProContact RX, Pirelli P7 All-Season) was better. (I’ve got a sedan rather than a CT but I’m supposing the choices are the same…)
  5. Adaptive headlights will finally be legal in USA

    But they gave NHTSA up to two years to revise their regulations… :( And I’m not getting my hopes up that Porsche would be able to enable this on US cars with a software update….
  6. Transmission noise at 50mph / 80kph?

    I’ll be interested in the outcome…
  7. Transmission noise at 50mph / 80kph?

    Thanks for posting those videos - that does sound like the noise I hear. Doesn’t seem to be linked to recuperation mode or “Electric sport sound” setting for me, nor does it seem to happen in “normal” drive mode in my case. I don’t necessarily mind it because it brings a bit of ICE nostalgia -...
  8. Transmission noise at 50mph / 80kph?

    (2021 Taycan 4S w Sport Chrono; 5300 mi) I don’t know if this is something that has always been there and I’m just starting to notice it, or if it’s something that developed recently…. When I’m driving in “Sport” or “Sport Plus” mode, I’m hearing a droning noise at the back axle starting at...
  9. How to turn off Porsche Charging Planner on my Porsche Connect App

    In the Porsche Connect app, tap the “Explore” item in the lower left, and then from within the map view, tap the button with the “Funnel” icon. Then in the resulting “Map Settings” screen, scroll all to way to the bottom and there should be a “Route Options” section with a “Porsche Charging...
  10. Received a credit card charge for Porsche Smart Mobility. What is that?

    My understanding is that the charging plan as listed in Connect / My Porsche is a one year term that will renew automatically for the three years. I’ll definitely be watching that when I get to my one year anniversary. The “Payment and Orders” section of the My Porsche website can be reached...
  11. First EV Road Trip Tomorrow - Tips?

    👆 Daveo4ev’s advice is very good. Doing your first try at EA charging and getting familiar with it before you’re in the middle of a road trip will avoid a lot of stress. Using third party apps like PlugShare and ABRP gives you a fuller picture of charging options (and you can set them to filter...
  12. Charging at USA Dealers?

    The Porsche dealership in my city has installed a 350kW charger and makes it available to Taycan owners for free charging - but when the dealership is closed it’s behind a locked gate and not accessible..
  13. Let us know how your recall update (Powertrain Shutdown / Loss of Power) went

    My dealer performed the AMB5 update today - car was ready about 4 hours after I dropped it off. No issues.
  14. Plug and Charge

    The only other thing I can think of is to go to the "My Porsche" section of the Porsche website and check the set of services that have been activated for your car to see if "Porsche Charging Service (Taycan)" is listed there...
  15. Plug and Charge

    I don’t remember that the dealer had to do anything for the option to appear. I don’t have the “19.2kW” charging option if that’s pertinent; I do have the 400v/150kW option but don’t think that has any bearing on this. Sorry that I can’t be of more help.
  16. Plug and Charge

    Charging NA app Tap the "hamburger" menu on the left side of the "find charging station" field. In the resulting "Porsche Charging Service" menu, tap on "My Vehicles" You'll see a "card" that shows you the current settings for your car. On my app, "Plug and Charge" is the last item. Tap...
  17. 1st Road Trip: ATL to Nashville in 4s - Lessons for a New Owner

    I just finished a weekend from my hone in north Alabama to Louisville, Kentucky and back (2021 4S with Performance Battery Plus.) “Plug and Charge” worked in most, but not all Electrify America locations we stopped at. The I-65 corridor cannot be called “dense” with EA chargers - but I found...
  18. Announced: Software update for 2020 Taycan models 🤩

    It does mention wireless CarPlay in the section labeled "Fine-tuned navigation system": Meanwhile, with wireless Apple CarPlay, iPhone apps are now available in the Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system via a wireless connection.
  19. Sirius XM 360 not working?

    Yep, I did the "two-finger salute" to get to the engineering screen and chose "restart" from there. And oddly enough after my original post, *NOW* SXM is working for me again . Don't know whether it just took that long for the "entitlement" to be set up again, or what.
  20. Sirius XM 360 not working?

    For me, the SXM button comes up gray after reboot and stays gray. It never shows as "enabled". At this point I've tried rebooting 4 or 5 times with no change... so I guess I'll be using Apple Music as a substitute until there's an OTA update that restores SXM.