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  1. Real acceleration on CT4

    I've had a 911 991.2 for 3 years and when I traded it in the dealer told me I never used launch control. So it seems I'm not so important for me. Than I live in a country with a max. speed op 130km per hour. So I decided that the 4CT is more than goof for me. The couple of times I'm crossing...
  2. Anyone changing order to a GTS and/or Sport Turismo?

    I opted for the CT especially for the increased ride-hight. I need to deal with snow on the roads, with a low riding car that can be a problem. My CT replaced my Macan. I guess a ST would have limitiations with a lot of fresh snow on the road.
  3. Alarm keeps going off

    Yes I have
  4. Taycan Cross Turismo Rims dilemma

    I asked the dealer and they’ve coated this rims wheels after the car was delivered at the dealer.
  5. Alarm keeps going off

    Same it last Friday had it for 6 hours and the alarm went off twice. Called the dealer and he told me to click twice when you close it as you than disable the interior alarm. No problem since, but it should not be like this.
  6. Taycan order: doubts again

    I just got mine CT this weekend. It is in volcano grey and I had the 20 inch off-road design wheels coated satin black....I love the set-up.
  7. Taycan Cross Turismo Rims dilemma

    Just got mine and I had the 20inch CT off-road design wheels coated satin black
  8. Or should I buy a 911?

    We owned a 991.2 a Macan and a backdated 911 ST tribute car. For practicle stuff we used the Macan and for the fun stuff I tended to take the old 911 most of the time over the 991.2. We traded the Macan and the 991.2 in for a Taycan CT. Seems the best combi, fast, practical and for fun stuff the...
  9. Porsche Certified Electrical Engineer

    We owned a 911 991.2 a Macan and a backdated ST tribute 911. For the practical part we mostly used the Macan, for the fun I tended more and more to take the old 911. At the end hardly used the 991.2, so we decided to trade in the 991.2 and the Macan for a Taycan CT. gues this combination with...
  10. .......for those who understand german :-) very interesting.

    Check this link, it shows that the power on the turbo S is not only avaible during "boost" but that the 725 hp is basically always available. Not sure if the same applies on the other versions, but sounds promising. Normally you can not test the Taycan on a test bench, but Porsche apparently...
  11. What I'm missing on the Taycan CT I ordered.....

    Hyundai has a feature on the car that you can actually use the car to charge other cars and or other equipment bases on the (in Europe) normal 220 volt connection. Which means you could re-charge for example your e-bike. Just wonder why Porsche did not come up with this feature as they are also...
  12. Can the 20" Offroad Design wheels be painted?

    I order the Offroad Design wheels and they will paint them satin black at a fee of Euro 1.250,- with my Porsche dealer.
  13. Are you going to or have you ordered a CT 4 or CT 4S?

    I ordered the 4, traded in a 991.2 Carrera which does (with sport plus) 4,1 seconds if you use launch control.....had it for 3 years and when I traded it in they could read out that I never did a launch, and he was right I never did. So why spend 18k for something I apparently never use. So I...
  14. Why lease a CT 4S over a CT 4?

    I traded in my 911 991.2 Carrera (still have a 991ST like backdate) for the 4CT. I owned the 991 for 3 years and not once did I use my launch control. Just made no sense to order a car which can do 0-62 in 4,1 instead of 5,1 seconds. I used the price difference to spec my 4CT with a lot of...