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  1. Exhaust sound from a Taycan?

    Sponsored by Harley Davidson…. Rolleyes
  2. Average household income really $900k?

    Average is a terrible metric for a statistical sample with wide deviation like income. Worthless. Median would be a much more meaningful number.
  3. 4s vs Turbo

    Off topic a bit, but why don’t you like driving the M2? I ask because I’m debating a taycan vs a number of other cars one of which is the upcoming M2.
  4. Proposed U.S. $12,500 tax credit . . . BUT

    The left: "climate change, it's an emergency, we need to get gasoline powered cars off the road immediately" Also the left: "remove all incentives for EVs unless they are for low budget cars made in Union shops"
  5. 2020 Taycan 4S vs 2021 Ford Mach-e GT

    Thanks for posting this - I thought I was the only one cross shopping a taycan with a ford mach-e :)
  6. Demo of Active Parking Support

    Thanks for posting. Interesting that it takes two back and forth movements - my 8 year old BMW has self parking and I think it makes it one back and forward almost every time. Seems to do so faster as well. But then again I control the gas and brake on the BMW it just does the steering...
  7. Horrible cell phone reception in Taycan - any solutions?

    Interesting that the center booster is required for many to get good service....given that they have removed it for 2022.... ??