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  1. darth_maul_80

    I am underwhelmed by my Taycan Pen

    @SWORDER , think you forgot to tick the ink box during the order. It’s an optional extra🤪
  2. darth_maul_80

    Side airbag rear - questions (close to lock date, urgently please :) )

    When we spoke to our dealership, they said a definite no to side air bags with child seats present. i had it specc'd and then removed it based on their advice.
  3. darth_maul_80

    Delivery of our Vulcano Grey 4S Cross Turismo

    Yes she does but i have few surprises up my sleeve for her. She originally wanted jet black metallic but she kind changed her mind when we locking in our order. Prefered to let her spec the cosmetic side. My car which we will be ordering shortly will obviously be all my choice!
  4. darth_maul_80

    Delivery of our Vulcano Grey 4S Cross Turismo

    Congrats on receiving your car and what a beautiful car! I’ve also ordered a volcano grey Ct for my wife so can’t wait. Especially as around where we live cars get dirty really quickly. So if that was how the car looked dirty it’s the right colour!!!
  5. darth_maul_80

    Poll: With or without Taycan badge?

    We ordered ours without. Prefer the look and for me the worst part of any badge especially text style badges is the dirt between the letter. It’s a PIA to clean properly! Happy that the PORSCHE is now inside the light bar as opposed to exposed to the elements.
  6. darth_maul_80

    Track your dream - uk version

    totally agree and hope it is better. TBH my SA is very informative so I dont really harass them. If there is nothing to report there is nothing to report. Im not really in a rush for our CT and even less of a rush for our turbo that im excited but chilled out
  7. darth_maul_80

    Track your dream - uk version

    Hi all Locked our order in yesterday. But whilst speaking to our SA he mentioned that a US style track your dream is coming to the UK very soon and that I will possibly be able to track some of my car development on it. Could make the wait more exciting and probably less phones for them from...
  8. darth_maul_80

    Anyone changing order to a GTS and/or Sport Turismo?

    We locked our ordered yesterday on our CT. Tbh I didn’t like the changes enough on the ST to change from the CT. Not a massive fan of the plastic wheel surrounds, but given we were ppf’ing the whole car we decided the PPS the wheel arches and the bottom inlays in body paint colour.
  9. darth_maul_80

    Electrical failure warning

    Or maybe your car was having a moment cos you looked at another lady!
  10. darth_maul_80

    Exhaust sound from a Taycan?

    It’s an EV. I wouldn’t want a fake ICE engine noise. But a Screaming Tie fighter sound would be cool (although probably get bored real quick!) for for two minutes. Maybe they could do something like that just for the overboost launch control thingy so the neighbourhood Bobby’s know you need a...
  11. darth_maul_80

    My Ice Grey Bordeaux Red CT4 has arrived to dealer

    Looks amazing!!! especially like the frozen blue PPF you have on there :p the more i see Ice grey the more i love it and will likely be the colour i go for!
  12. darth_maul_80

    Taycan Sales Numbers in Ireland

    i read that and it’s eye watering! I mean I just came back from fuelling my cayenne with v-power at £1.65/L and I felt ripped off but 60%!!! is it cheaper to buy a horse and go old school 😂
  13. darth_maul_80

    Taycan Sales Numbers in Ireland

    That is a lot of tax!!!
  14. darth_maul_80

    UK: When did you order and when did (or will) your car arrive?

    which dealership did you use? we ordered (CT4) ours at silverstone 6th September and still waiting for an allocation date
  15. darth_maul_80

    Paint defect

    oh forgot to write one of my patients had that on his car and it didnt go after a few weeks...he mentioned it to the installer and they redone it for him no charge
  16. darth_maul_80

    Paint defect

    That looks like the medium they use to squeegee the ppf on. Once it dries it will completely go
  17. darth_maul_80

    What a brilliant car...

    We have our one on order and haven’t locked in yet. Yet whenever I see one it brings a smile to my face knowing I will own one shortly! currently suffering from Man flu and had to pick up antibiotics from pharmacy in beaconsfield sainsburys. Despite feeling crappy the gentian blue Taycan I saw...
  18. darth_maul_80

    UPDATE #3 (First CT4 in Hawaii) DELIVERED!!

    That looks really nice Buddy! Enjoy it! The Colour definitely suits your location!!!
  19. darth_maul_80

    CT for a Family of 4?

    Think you should be good. We currently have a cayenne but have a ct4 on order. We have the 360 wicked seats (which are brilliant btw) and we think it should easily fit especially as the taycan is a little longer than the cayenne believe it or not
  20. darth_maul_80

    Misjudged pillar at underground car park!

    That is a really nice gesture from your dealership!