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  1. kort

    Failed Charging Session - EA

    it is very possible that one unit is malfunctioning.
  2. kort

    Failed Charging Session - EA

    try going to another EA charger and see if the same issues crop up and have the dealership check the car for issues.
  3. kort

    Solution to cover the cup holders?

    yes, they are both the same
  4. kort

    Charging App broken

    this is what one looks like on the app
  5. kort

    Tyre pressures dropped suddenly

    on my car there is a full load setting and a not full load setting. I topped off my tires today and while checking the PSI I turned off the full load setting and it shows the tires are up to +10 PSI. so what exactly is a full load?
  6. kort

    appointment 2 months out

    On the myporche page there was a note that there are two open recalls for my car. I immediately called my dealership to see when they can address the recall items. the dealership offered these options, I could drop the car and am on my own for transport, I could wait at the dealership for who...
  7. kort

    Charging App broken

    it's not resolved for me. the porsche app is no loading properly but the Charge NA app is still fubar.
  8. kort

    Charging App broken

    are you aware that there are some EA chargers that are not plug and charge compatible?
  9. kort

    Charging App broken

    yes, something very bad has happened at porsche. the question is where the problem lies, is it porsche or it's charging partners? what the problem is is unknown. are people still able to charge at EA or Ionity units without the apps functioning?
  10. kort

    Sirius - Sometimes available, sometimes not.

    my sirius was on for what I assumed was a free trial when I took delivery, then it was disconnected. after returning from a two week trip this past friday it was turned on again. I use spotify so having or not having sirius isn't a priority
  11. kort

    Charging nightmare

    I feel your frustration, I was going nutty about the issue as well but porsche finally created a patch for the issue. you need to get the patch installed by a dealer. which of course highlights another massive fail on porsche's part. their pull back on the OTA software updates is infuriating as...
  12. kort

    Cannot charge at Electrify America right now?! WTF

    after looking at this thread I tried to login to EA via the phone app. no bueno. it is stuck in a loop. I logged in via myporsche on both the phone and desktop, still no bueno. something is completely FUBAR at porsche. it could be that all the EA units have been free for the promotion that was...
  13. kort

    New Porsche Taycan Jack Pads Available

    good to know, but how often does one actually need to use the lift points?
  14. kort

    Alarm Issues

    it is a shame that how to use the proper apps to access the free charging wasn't explained to you at delivery, that is on your advisor/dealership. why is it selfish to charge for more than 30 minutes? an example is if you arrive at a charger with 35% soc and needing to charge to 100% soc in...
  15. kort

    Get free charging at Electrify America stations until 11/29

    my comment was that I never saw an EA L2 charger, it is a discussion forum, it is a comment related to the discussion. that's great for you, many of us DO use their taycans for road trips, we try to enjoy driving these great cars as much as possible. If I want a limited range EV town car I...
  16. kort

    New Porsche Taycan Jack Pads Available

    Ice hockey pucks might serve the same purpose
  17. kort

    Get free charging at Electrify America stations until 11/29

    90% of my driving is in FLA, I looked at their map, in the entire state of FLA there are 3 L2 chargers and those units are 350+ miles from where I am. I have still never seen an L2 EA charger any place other than their map of locations. Why would you choose an L2 charger over an L3? do you...
  18. kort

    Get free charging at Electrify America stations until 11/29

    I've never seen an AC EA charger
  19. kort

    January Delivery @Jacksonville Port (US Southeast destination)

    I am neither a tax lawyer or accountant. if you want a definitive answer consult one of those types of professionals.
  20. kort

    Porsch ID Login

    you may need to return to the dealership for them to get things working. they should have set the car up for you when it was delivered