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  1. andrewket

    Charging nightmare

    There is a software update that solves a problem with some EA chargers that manifests as you described.
  2. andrewket

    Toll Tag Placement - Thermally Insulated Glass

    Mine wouldn’t work, even when placed in the designated areas around the rear view mirror. I ended up having to use a license plate transponder.
  3. andrewket

    Options more expensive than the $460 400V/150 kW charging option…honestly wow…

    Only v2’s are shared between two stalls. The v3 cabinets are able to provide up max power to all stalls simultaneously, although it rarely happens. There are some sites that have a peak site limit, but the limit isn’t hit that often. The warning message you’re getting is telling you the car is...
  4. andrewket

    Options more expensive than the $460 400V/150 kW charging option…honestly wow…

    @daveo4EV I 100% agree with you on both points: 1/ 400v charging option is a no brainer; cheap insurance especially now that Tesla is opening it’s network. Even if you don’t think you’ll ever use it, get it for resale. 2/ The sport sound is not worth $.01 in my opinion. I only have it because it...
  5. andrewket

    New connect app coming

    The app itself is OK, imho. What needs improvement is the latency between the app, the cloud, and back to the car. An unlock/lock command shouldn't take 20-30 seconds. Tesla is ~1 second.
  6. andrewket

    Error during charging

    Is your phone still displaying 79% when your car is really at 100% SOC? It sounds like your app is out of sync with the car. Kill the app and restart. If that doesn’t work, log out and back in again. The error is likely old.
  7. andrewket

    Does anyone actually charge to only 80%?

    This already exists. I haven't seen a dealer or wholesaler do this yet, but as I said in an earlier post, private buyers have been doing this on the original Tesla roadster and the Nissan leaf for a few years.
  8. andrewket

    Apple Music Login Issues

    Your car is saying check your data connection. I assume you've checked that other things that use data is working? The SOS light is green? I've had some occasional funky-ness with apple music and podcasts, and after the last software update where they reset everything I had to re-register. If...
  9. andrewket

    Transitioning from Taycan to Etron GT

    A friend of mine bought a launch edition RS and he took me for a brief ride a few days ago. The rear camera view is 3x better -- it looks normal like every other car on the road. I prefer the Taycan's interior, but I could see the RS appealing to a younger crowd (I'm 48). The UI looked a bit...
  10. andrewket

    Porsche indicates warranty concerns if 3rd party charger used

    100% false on the dealer's claims. Just thought I'd +1 and join the chorus. I'm also in the very small minority that has 19.2kW charging and EVSEs in my garage to support it. My use case is being able to charge 3 EVs within a 4-hour TOU window. It took several years but I have recouped my...
  11. andrewket

    Does anyone actually charge to only 80%?

    I had a weird thing occur to me the other day related to this. On most days I have a timer set for 80%. The other day I had a road trip, so the night before I set it to 100%. That worked just fine. When I returned from the road trip I forgot to change the timer back to 80%. I would have expected...
  12. andrewket

    Does anyone actually charge to only 80%?

    I expect we will see more buyers asking questions about battery health in the future. Informed buyers of the original Tesla Roadster have been doing this for years (what is the CAC?). Similarly, Leaf buyers ask how many bars remain because the leaf has been hit hard by degradation. It's just a...
  13. andrewket

    Does anyone actually charge to only 80%?

    I charge to 80% daily and more as needed for road trips. I've done this for ~8 years of EV ownership and it has worked well for me from a battery degradation perspective. I also only use level 3 chargers when necessary (road trips), and I have the preserve battery option enabled on my Taycan.
  14. andrewket

    Winter daily?

    I live outside of DC. It gets below freezing here and we do get snow on occasion. I was not willing to accept the compromise of all seasons tires. I picked up a barely used set of aero wheels and mounted P-zeros winter tires. I swap the wheels in my garage myself. All in it takes about an hour...
  15. andrewket

    Key Not Detected After Tinting Windows

    I’m going to guess it is related. A guess, the detailer/installer left the key in or near the car with the doors opened for a prolonged period of time and caused the key to get out of sync.
  16. andrewket

    Key Not Detected After Tinting Windows

    When you say the key isn’t working, can you be more specific? Just comfort access (keyless)? Do the buttons on the FOB work? It sounds like it still worked inside the car since you were still able to drive it.
  17. andrewket

    Infrastructure Bill passed. I don’t think this is good.

    This has always been the case. The tax credit may go to the consumer, but it was always the intent that it benefits the manufacturer. They were originally put in place to help manufacturers bring EVs on-par price wise to ICE cars while they innovated and scaled to reduce manufacturing costs...
  18. andrewket

    ICE GREY Taycan Club

    I haven’t had any issues with dye transfer, but I also had the interior treated with ceramic.
  19. andrewket

    Car starting charging before the preferred charge time

    My car has never followed the preferred charging time. I have it set, but I use the timer with a departure of 4:55am which usually guarantees the car only charges between 1-5am (I have the 19.2kW charger). Without the timer I haven’t figured out why the car does what it does. To be fair I...
  20. andrewket

    Too many issues

    Program only one door and assign home link to a function button and it’s one press. edit: as others have said, disable geofencing. It’s a shame the geofence option doesn’t just send the signal (Tesla does this) vs bringing up the window.