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  1. Genau

    My CT Turbo has arrived!

    I have the Atacama beige leather and haven't noticed any stains after 13,000 miles. I've had many friends drive my Taycan, borrow it for the weekend, take it to the track, etc. without regard for what they were wearing. My detailer applied Gyeon leather treatment when the car was new, but...
  2. Genau

    Received Neptune Blue Taycan Cross Turismo 4S (CT4s)

    The thread on clear side markers contains some excellent install tips. For example:
  3. Genau

    Battery learning

    To add to @W1NGE's excellent points, the Good to Know app states that recuperative braking is disabled "briefly" (some say a few hundred km? -- can't find a reference) in new Taycans, and again when brake pads are replaced. Without recuperative braking your range may be significantly reduced...
  4. Genau

    appointment 2 months out

    Wow, that is a long wait for recall service. I can somewhat understand the lack of loaners given the extraordinary car shortage in the U.S. For what it's worth, one of those recalls is probably the "fake recall" that disables the smart hazard light functionality because U.S. regulations have not...
  5. Genau

    Leave car for 2 Months

    The AMB5/AMB6 software updates released around May 2021 seems to have nearly eliminated 12V battery drain issues, or at least people posting about them on this forum. There was also an issue where the Porsche Mobile Charger Connect power line communication feature (PLC) would drain the 12V...
  6. Genau

    Marks on brand new leather seat - it is normal?

    Hi, there's a very extensive thread on this topic. I'd suggest continuing the discussion there so all the prior accumulated "wisdom of the crowd" is maintained.
  7. Genau

    Alarm Issues

    How do you request a text alert? Is that from the app on your phone, or from the charging station itself?
  8. Genau

    Please critique my build :)

    I've ridden in the rear middle seat of my Taycan a couple of times with four other adults in the car, and it's tight, but not uncomfortable for short trips. I'm 6.0 foot/1.83 meters tall for comparison. Also, the 4+1 (or ski package) option provides a pass-through access to the trunk that is not...
  9. Genau

    Build Questions/Critiques

    Welcome to the forums. Why not view and try out the options before your lock date? If you're in NoVA I can arrange a meet-up with a few Taycan owners with various specifications.
  10. Genau

    Plug release return?

    Here are some prior posts on this topic. There are many more.
  11. Genau

    Race-Tex Aging

    Welcome to the forums. I don't have Race-Tex myself, but a lot of people have posted opinions about its wear:
  12. Genau

    Trip Report: Los Angeles (Beverly Hills) to SF Bay Area (San Mateo)

    I fear your are correct. Note that fast charging EVs can also cause problems for slow charging EVs. I violated charger etiquette several times in my Taycan by taking the only DC fast charger that had both CCS and CHAdeMO connectors, when CCS-only chargers were available. The next time I used...
  13. Genau

    Best interior screen protector film for purchase?

    Here are a couple of prior threads on this topic. That was just from a search on keyword "fingerprint", so I'm sure there are many more threads if these don't answer your question.
  14. Genau

    What is this symbol for?

    This feature is described in the Porsche Connect manual under the topics, Real Time Traffic and Risk Radar. Here's a link to the manual and a screenshot of the section on Risk Radar...
  15. Genau

    Taycan glass roof without shade option

    Welcome to the forum. If you use the forum search feature, you will find many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many prior threads on this topic with a range of opinions. For example:
  16. Genau

    My SiriusXM subscription was updated....repeatedly

    I equate Sirius radio with having a sharp stick poked in the eye, because hearing idiots talk while I'm driving is a fate worse than death. Yet I'm frequently getting those Sirius non-subscription update notifications that must be acknowledged to regain control of the user interface. If Sirius...
  17. Genau

    Porsche (or PCNA) deleted my car and my account, and customer support is worthless. How do I fix this?

    Is your experience the same as this?
  18. Genau

    Yea or nay on the Thermally and Noise Insulating Glass

    I have the insulated glass option and have never noticed an issue with cell phone signal, whether the phone is in my pocket or in the compartment. Normally I just leave the phone in my pocket.
  19. Genau

    Recall Re-code airbag control unit: Any issues?

    Here are some of the prior threads on this topic. Although the recall title contains the word "airbag", it really is a reprogramming of the hazard lights to disable the (safer) way they function in the rest of the world to comply with the behind-the-times U.S. regulations. Personally I am...
  20. Genau

    Taycan brief sighting in Netflix movie

    Simpsons did it.