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  1. Pouria

    So who's changing their order to the GTS Sport Turismo?

    My CT4S goes into production within a week or so and I've been worried about the Sport Turismo coming out just after my lock date and how that would compare to my CT. Having seen it today it's definetly a great looking car but I don't like some of the styling of the GTS so I'm happy with my...
  2. Pouria

    New connect app coming

    At least here in Sweden the current app takes up to 10-15 seconds to update and often shows the wrong status at startup. For example showing windows open and parking brake not engaged. Not something you want to see when lying in bed at night and it's raining outside... Starting the preheat also...
  3. Pouria

    New connect app coming

    I was told by a technician at my dealer that a new connect app is on it's way. After Christmas presumably. He said that Porsche is doing a total rewrite as the current one that's based on the Audi plattform is not working out that great as we all know. Let's all hope that it's true as the...
  4. Pouria

    🏁 World Premiere: 2022 Taycan GTS Sedan and GTS Sport Turismo

    The GTS is just tested with the new software that we all got. Same range but new EPA test on new models.
  5. Pouria

    Anyone changing order to a GTS and/or Sport Turismo?

    I think the added range is just the new software EPA tested for the new models but not retested on the prior year models. They are all the same hardware and software regarding range. GTS is a detuned Turbo. Software limited Turbo, that's it.
  6. Pouria

    Auto locking on closing back seat door

    Yes, sure since they can open the door and get out and it locks even when shutting it without touching the handle. Had to test it by myself as I thought wife and daughter was doing it incorrectly in some way. But no, definitely the car that's doing it wrong.
  7. Pouria

    Auto locking on closing back seat door

    Has anyone managed to activate this "feature"? 😉 The car locks and turns on the alarm when someone closes the left back door. With people still inside and other doors still open.... I have no idea how closing the door could trigger lock command but somehow it does. 😖 This is when we stop to...
  8. Pouria

    Connect App issues - Car control

    Have had the same problem since yesterday. Managed to solve it by uninstalling the app and downloading it again for IOS. Was on the latest version but still had to delete it. 🤯😠 Works now but still as crappy as before. At least I can see charge level again...
  9. Pouria

    Motor vibration in stand still

    I had a similar shaking happen to me at some times. Fast charging or sport plus. It turned out it was dirt and grime stuck on the cooling fan blades...😱 I had them taking a look and they found a lot of gravel trapped in front of the wheels and mud baked on the fan blades. I now days try to...
  10. Pouria

    My Car bleeps now when locking

    The bleep is when a door isn't closed properly and you try to lock the car. My Swedish car is silent as well when locking if all doors are closed.
  11. Pouria

    WLG2 Campaign -- software updates

    You should definitely get the update. There will be many more and all will make this great car even better.
  12. Pouria

    Odd Armrest

    Same here unfortunately. It also falls down so you have to keep it in place whilst fiddling with your phone or whatever you are trying to put there. :confused:
  13. Pouria

    WLG2 Campaign -- software updates

    Had mine updated yesterday and it only took them about two hours or so to download and install. It depends on the shops internet connection how fast the update takes I guess. We are spoiled with fast internet connections here in Sweden. Haven't seen or felt anything change because of the...
  14. Pouria

    My $200k paperweight. "Electrical system error. Service required." error

    I think I read somewhere that this was an issue on a specific VIN-range. Anyone else seen that somewhere? Might be useful to track what range of VIN people with the problem have?
  15. Pouria

    Turbo Pickup in VA and 450 mile road trip to southwest NC - experience and feedback

    One would hope that the performance issues will be ironed out in future software updates. Usually there alot of tweaking that can be done in software. It was the same with the "new" Volvo XC90 when it launched. Interface was a bit laggy. They managed to solve it in software on the launch car...
  16. Pouria

    How to stop auto seat adjustment on unlocking

    Hmm, try to set things as you want it and the save that profile to your key. That solved it for me on a Panamera. It's probably just your key that is associated to a "default" setting of the seat. Hopes this helps.
  17. Pouria

    Customer support communication

    I know the frustration. Waiting for a new toy is never fun. I was supposed to take delivery at end of march but it's now scheduled for mid June. Frustrating but not that strange due to the Corona outbreak. Like everything else in life it seems to be dependent on the dealer you interact with...
  18. Pouria

    Official: Porsche stops production due to coronavirus

    Hmm, seems like everyone is getting different info. I ordered mine end of November. Did some changes after that and bumped it to the wrong side of Corona...
  19. Pouria

    Official: Porsche stops production due to coronavirus

    My dealer told me the factory "opened" yesterday and that he had a beginning of June delivery time listed now. He said that he was hoping for a faster delivery than stated. Things are moving at least. :)
  20. Pouria

    Early pics of right hand drive Taycan?

    This car is probably still in transport mode, hence the huge gap around the wheels. :)