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  1. Jsherid!

    First cold snap of the year...just watch that range tumble!

    I've seen my range drop by 10-15% since it has gotten what passes for cold here in North Texas which is between 5-10 C. On a recent run to Houston and back, I saw my highest consumption figure of 2.4 miles per KWh but it was cold and I was running at Texas interstate speeds (allegedly 80+)...
  2. Jsherid!

    Please critique my build :)

    I'd pass on the power charge port doors and think about adding the sound and thermal insulated glass. Apart from that it looks good!
  3. Jsherid!

    First impressions after day 1 of ownership

    Congrats on the new car! I thought the air vent adjustment being screen only would be a major pain but as it turns out I adjusted them once and have left them alone since then. All the options for the instrument cluster seem daunting at first but I've found the learning curve to be a...
  4. Jsherid!

    Slow Charging Profile Test by Out of Spec

    Thanks for posting, I really think Kyle does a great job with his range and charging tests as well as his driving impressions.
  5. Jsherid!

    hmmm - my lovely Taycan is limited to 220 miles range - [Edit] I think it's the tires…

    FWIW, my car (2020 4S PBP) shows between 255-262 miles with an 85% charge and right now with 71% charge it shows 217 miles
  6. Jsherid!

    Rear Axle Steering....not needed, nice to have, or must have?

    I was not a believer until I tried one with it. More nimble handling, better stability on the highway and the turning circle of a tiny car--100% worth it.
  7. Jsherid!

    Anyone considering other EV's?

    The Launch Edition comes with a 100.4 kWh battery
  8. Jsherid!

    Another Crazy Question - Key FOB

    I just got the "key not found" message this morning--guess I will be getting a new fob battery.
  9. Jsherid!

    Anyone considering other EV's?

    The launch edition sold out in 10 minutes. We decided against the launch edition as it was a choice of two exterior colors and two interior colors with a fixed list of features. We are on the list for the upcoming higher end model which will be dual motor/awd and available in a wider range...
  10. Jsherid!

    I think I'm going with Frozen...

    I like Frozen Blue a lot, reminds me of Gulf Racing Blue. I'm not sure about the Frozen blue with the Berry interior. I like them independently but together....not so much. Then again I'm more "hip replacement" than "hip" in terms of personal style.
  11. Jsherid!

    Carplay annoyances

    Mine doesn’t beep but when I have trouble getting it to connect I use Swissbob’s method and it works
  12. Jsherid!

    Anyone considering other EV's?

    We will probably get a Cadillac Lyriq—our experience with Cadillacs have been great. We‘ve had awful experiences with three European luxury brands but almost every car company builds good stuff these days.
  13. Jsherid!

    Show Us Your Prestige License Plates

    I just ordered DADJOKZ for mine, my teenage daughter will NOT be happy but that's just a bonus.
  14. Jsherid!

    Dealing with the front license plate

    I just ordered the Sto N Sho plate mount-thanks for the tip!
  15. Jsherid!

    To Taycan, or not Taycan? That is the question.

    Asking this group to talk you out of a Taycan is like asking Charlie Sheen to help you with your substance abuse issues. I'm of a similar age and life stage and enjoy a comfy cruiser too. That is one of the things that "got me" about the Taycan--it's ability to be both slightly mad when you...
  16. Jsherid!

    Any RWD owners regret not going to 4S?

    I had ordered a CT4 but drove a well spec'd CPO 4S on Saturday when we stopped by the dealership, I took delivery of the 4S on Monday. The extra power is immediately apparent and the 12 year old in me loves that but the real deciding factor in my case was the deal on a very well spec'd car...
  17. Jsherid!

    Backup Camera Quality to Improve?

    Just took delivery of my 4S on Monday and love everything about it apart from the hilariously bad reverse camera and 360 view. i suspect it is a software/stitching issue as the cameras seem to be of reasonably good quality.
  18. Jsherid!

    Regret Standard Interior?

    Yep, I let my daughter and my dog in the my wife is a different story :CWL:
  19. Jsherid!

    Regret Standard Interior?

    I went with the standard interior (Gray) for mine with the thinking that I have a teenage daughter who plays lacrosse (muddy cleats) and a Labrador so easy to clean and durable were the priority vs appearance. The other factor is that in the Texas sun leather shrinks and lifts (I had it happen...