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  1. Fog Horn Blow- Who is on the Glovis Chorus

    Congrats! Still waiting on a call but likely this coming week.
  2. Fog Horn Blow- Who is on the Glovis Chorus

    Nice. Lmk once it lands! Still waiting for a call.
  3. Fog Horn Blow- Who is on the Glovis Chorus

    Update: TYD says delivery estimated to be on 12/10
  4. Fog Horn Blow- Who is on the Glovis Chorus

    TYD now says Port Processing at Benicia with an estimate of 12/17 for its completion. Again, hoping that is a stretch.
  5. Fog Horn Blow- Who is on the Glovis Chorus

    Nice. My TYD date changed from 12/3 to 12/31 a few weeks back. Hopefully our cars arrive at the dealership soon together.
  6. Fog Horn Blow- Who is on the Glovis Chorus

    Mine is on the Glovis Chorus. I’m in San Francisco. Looks like it’s currently floating around the Bay Area and looking to get into Benicia. My TYD says it’ll arrive at the port on 11/30 and delivery is 12/31. Hoping that’s very conservative and the car isn’t sitting for a month.
  7. Options more expensive than the $460 400V/150 kW charging option…honestly wow…

    What does it do? My car is still incoming but the few times I’ve driven the Taycan, it was dead quiet to me when sport sound wasn’t on. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention?
  8. Anyone changing order to a GTS and/or Sport Turismo?

    My MY22 4S is currently on a vessel and a few weeks away from being delivered. I was holding out for the rumored GTS but it was hard enough to get my 4S allocation. I couldn't get a Turbo allocation prior to making my order. My 4S build with (likely too many) options was ~$155K. Playing on the...
  9. Dashcam

    Do you have any more details on your installation, e.g. parts and setup? I’m interested in something similar but concerned about the parking mode draining the battery while I’m parked at home in my garage (and plugged into the EV charger). Ideally the installation would make using the dashcam...
  10. Track Your Dream

    I had to call into Porsche to get my TYD sorted out. It was an annoying process (check my post history for details) but it was likely because my order was submitted with a typo in my email address.
  11. Trying to decide which battery for our 4S build.

    Also keep in mind that increased power is useful in more than 0-60 times. The added weight does make it such that your stoplight launch battles won't change, but you might appreciate the extra juice once you're moving. But whether it's worth the extra cost will be up to you.
  12. HBO Hard Knocks - spotted?

    Lol. Literally just got done watching this episode 2 mins ago. This was in the first 30 seconds and I immediately paused as soon as I saw the Taycan roll into frame, wondering whether some other Taycan nerd would post about it on this forum or reddit.
  13. Taycan 2022 Configurator Question Remote Park Assist

    Yup, to add some conclusiveness to this thread: the leading hypothesis discussed in this thread (which was that you had to order Remote Parking Assist separately instead of Technology package) is incorrect. The old Active Parking option is now the Remote Parking option which includes the old...
  14. 2021-2022 Model Change-Over

    When was order submitted and where are you? My dates haven’t changed yet. Order submitted 7/20 and I’m in California.
  15. 2021-2022 Model Change-Over

    I have a 2022 4S allocation. The build is Sept with an eta of early Dec. I don’t think the allocations automatically switch to a new MY. I’d imagine if it came down to it, it just means production of MY22 cars is pushed back.
  16. Ordered back in May, still haven't been given a way to track build progress?

    If you have a commission number, then you have an actual allocation. If your order was placed with your email address, then you will be enrolled in Track Your Dream and the vehicle is associated with your Porsche online account. I had a similar issue where the dealer submitted my email address...
  17. Installing Taycan electric sport sound after purchase?

    Looks to be the same and you’ll need it activated at the dealer. Yeah it’s a speaker. Where else would the sound come from?
  18. Taycan Secret Tips and Functions

    What triggers it?
  19. Charging stopping at EA while the car is locked and key is far away

    Anyone can interrupt your gas pumping session too. People can’t remove the plug so they won’t bother to stop your charging session. If the concern is that others can intentionally mess with you while you’re not at the car, then unfortunately there are even worst ways to vandalize an unattended car.