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  1. Order or wait

    Nice build. I have about 1500 miles on my new Taycan CT4, and have had no issues yet other than getting free charging going, and that took a few days after ownership and works fine now. For the day to day it has been flawless. Remember, folks come here and often make accounts just to...
  2. Delivered: Cherry Taycan 4 Cross Turismo CT4

    Road trips are typically level 3 fast charging. In the case of my road trip, was all done at EA fast chargers. My home set up is also a 240v 14-50 setup. I rarely charge at home though because my employer also has free level 2 charging. My work schedule is weird in that I work a week on...
  3. Delivered: Cherry Taycan 4 Cross Turismo CT4

    No, during road trips you want to arrive at a charger with the lowest state of charge you feel comfortable with since it charges faster with less juice in the battery. Since it was my first time with the car, I gave myself a 20% cushion and each time I arrived with more than the car projected...
  4. Bizarre 'whistleblower' claims “60% of all delivered Taycan have battery issues that caused replacements, damages and fires”

    Pretty levelheaded responses. Anyone that's been around Tesla long enough knows how many smear jobs there have been in online "media". The claim unto itself is nuts to me. If it were 60% of batteries having issues, this place would be crawling with consumers reporting major issues and...
  5. Delivered: Cherry Taycan 4 Cross Turismo CT4

    I'm not super OCD but I will probably keep them on as long as I can. Once they become loaded with prints and simple cleaning doesn't improve the smudges, I will get rid of them.
  6. Delivered: Cherry Taycan 4 Cross Turismo CT4

    Here are some mediocre interior shots folks asked for. Standard limestone/black. Very comfortable and very easy to keep clean from the destruction my daughters reap in the back seat. I also added all weather mats. I also threw in a few of it after its recent ceramic coating but most of those...
  7. CHERRY METALLIC Taycan Club

    Just got the new CT4 ceramic coated and tinted. Some photos in and outdoors in some overcast weather to highlight the contrast.
  8. Cannot charge at Electrify America right now?! WTF

    Just got back from an EA session not too far from my home. Plug and charge didn't work, even though it has at this location and stall before. I had the same issue with the charging NA app not letting me in. After a few login attempts though, it let me in and worked and I was able to charge it...
  9. Delivered: Cherry Taycan 4 Cross Turismo CT4

    Typically just 5-10 minutes.
  10. Home charging help

    It just stinks the dealers do this crap without checking with the consumer. For first time EV owners, you often just don't know what you need, but I'm not sure why they would randomly chose a 14-30. One person at my dealership tried to get me to pay the obnoxious premium for the Porsche Mobile...
  11. How does everyone use their passenger display?

    I don't. I had it on my 4S, never got used, and left it off my new CT4. Don't need any passengers messing with my settings, and even when driving it limits their input. Not super useful.
  12. Will older models get extended range as 2022 models?

    Pretty sure all the models have the same range. The GTS is with the new software updates, etc. These cars, at least in the USA on EPA ratings best their averages by over 30%.
  13. Service contract question

    It really is. I think Porsche knows their heavy service model is in jeopardy with the transition to EV's. I sort of get why someone might want to finance their service plan on their ICE cars, especially specialty cars like a Porsche that have different engine locations and use unique tools...
  14. Delivered: Cherry Taycan 4 Cross Turismo CT4

    Indeed it is. Also standard.
  15. Delivered: Cherry Taycan 4 Cross Turismo CT4

    It's really easy. I had a a Taycan 4S before my CT, and a Tesla before that, so it wasn't too difficult. Definitely recommend InsideEV or Out of Spec Motoring videos if you plan to take an EV Road trip. They have done several trips in multiple non Tesla EVs and it gives you a good idea how...
  16. Loving it!

  17. Service contract question

    This. I think any of the insurance or services they try and sell you in finance are borderline scams. There's a reason these are on offer, and the margins they make on them are fantastic. My step father worked finance for Lexus for two decades always warned my family and I off of any...
  18. Taycan steering feel

    This car drives and feels like a Porsche through and through. Cockpit position and steering feel are what make this car feel so great. If you didn't like it, I'm not sure what you would enjoy. As others have said, you probably better take her for a spin in Sport or Sport+ to know for sure...
  19. Cross Turismo vs Sport Turismo

    Yup, I'm aware. Probably didn't word it as well as I should have, but basically you end up sitting an inch lower on the sedans suspension.