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  1. GTS ....Saloon or ST

    I am sure the AWD will be fine it is the ride clearance which is the problem with most cars on farm tracks IME. SUVs and trucks tend to be high enough but I want neither :) The 4S CT suits me fine.
  2. GTS ....Saloon or ST

    2cm is quite a lot from a ride perspective. The ST lacks that and gravel mode (for farm tracks visiting friends and relatives) and several other things I want. What I don't particularly like about the CT is only the plastic trim round the wheelarches and the lowest 50 mm of the bodywork which I...
  3. GTS ....Saloon or ST

    Looks wise I much prefer the saloon but with my dog being my most frequent passenger I have ordered a Cross Turismo even though I am still too young for golf. I considered changing my order to a ST GTS because I think it looks nicer but the raised ride height of the CT will suit Oxfordshire...
  4. Porsche Charging Planner/A Better Route Planner

    It seems to me that the biggest benefit of using the Porsche route planner charger stops is that the car conditions the battery for fastest charging for each stop. This may make a huge difference to charging time in winter. I hadn't played with it yet but was going to take this into...
  5. Charging at UK Dealers

    This is very true! The Taycan is their first car I have actually felt was worth what they charge, having considering a Porsche many times since 1970!
  6. Porsche confuserator tech problems anyone?

    I see, I actually had just saved the code in my computer rather than saving it in my account.
  7. Porsche confuserator tech problems anyone?

    I just go to the configurator page and it works as it always has in Safari. I don't need to log on. Maybe I would have to to send a code to my local dealer It has been working just as it always has for me.

    Looks like full winter tyres is maybe a step further than we need to go in the UK but still looks like summer tyres are poor in low temperature when it is wet - ie almost the whole winter round here...

    I don't think it is just for RWD there is a huge gain in steering and braking on 4WD too :)
  10. Porsche confuserator tech problems anyone?

    I gave my PC away when I retired and didn't need it as well as Mac and since I detest touch screens so much I don't do anything on 'phone or iPad unless I have to so haven't tried anything except my Macbook Pro.
  11. Porsche confuserator tech problems anyone?

    Working for me. Safari on a Mac and Firefox on a Mac.
  12. Porsche confuserator tech problems anyone?

    Worked for me a moment ago, I loaded my code then changed to GTS ST using same config and it both worked and confirmed I didn't feel it was worth the £6k extra over my existing config :)
  13. Meranti brown vs beige

    I love the Meranti but wish there was a bit more Meranti and a bit less black - the wood is a big improvement, for example, on the big expanse of black on the doors IMO.
  14. First cold snap of the year...just watch that range tumble!

    Education is, as always, the key. People make bad decisions in the absence of sound knowledge. I have always been amazed by the idea of them being expensive or inconvenient though, particularly at the price of a lot of cars people are driving on unsuitable tyres! I have ordered a set of winter...
  15. First cold snap of the year...just watch that range tumble!

    We went up to Scotland to visit my brothers, my wife's brother and her best friend a few weeks ago. I was in a plug-in hybrid and forgot my charging cable so most journeys were just petrol. I have the fuel consumption up on the display and it was about 50% worse for the first 10 miles or so, and...
  16. First cold snap of the year...just watch that range tumble!

    I know you are being a bit glib here but I could not disagree more! The biggest problem driving in winter in the UK is the lack of education here about the benefit of winter tyres when the temperature drops. I know I am a bit of an outlier but 35 years running racing cars makes me very...
  17. Real acceleration on CT4

    Magazines and web sites pretty well never mention the tyres. Any grip limited performance aspect, and I am fairly sure launch is grip limited at least initially, even with 4WD, the tyres will have an influence. If the official figures fior the 4S are with the base tyres and a test is done with...
  18. First cold snap of the year...just watch that range tumble!

    glass roof? Maybe not on all models though.
  19. Please critique my build :)

    I agree. I buy my car for me, not somebody else.
  20. Please critique my build :)

    I may be the only person who thinks this but I find privacy glass spoils the lines of the car. If it were standard I would be happy to pay extra to delete it...