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  1. CT alarm issue, how common is it?

    Guys, Sorry to hear so many of you guys are dealing with the alarm issue. I dropped a note on here a few days after receiving my car in September. The car spent 3+ wks at dealer ( great experience @ Porsche of Irvine) and they diagnosed it as being some how related to Porsche connect app. A...
  2. Ask a Porsche Dealer Anything

    Well said Frank….some of you people ask such inane questions “should I order black wheel enter caps with black wheels….grow up kids… ask technical question that a service tech could help diagnose This poor guy may find this Is a 8 hr a day gig….Give Luke a break… some of you are abusing this...
  3. Alarm Issues

    Thank I had the NA app on my phone forgot/ didn't realize they were the same things it just says charging app but it is associated with Porsche charging subscription. SR
  4. Alarm Issues

    Whats the NA app? At least you tied and found out without being in a panic to charge the car. And yes their support could be better but their are so many charging brands it might be hard to get them all dialed in so they all work to charge your car note that only the EA Chargers are free though. SR
  5. Alarm Issues

    I charged at an EA station today and it was seamless and no charge. For anyone reading this I would recommend doing a test charge one day when you don’t need it (80%) to make it home etc. Best to make sure you understand how the whole system/apps work. You don’t want to be fucking around with...
  6. Porsch ID Login

    Welcome to the club of Taycan ownership ..amazing car to driver and look not so much. Best advice. Just drive the thing.....connect CarPlay and enjoy the drive.
  7. 103 Days to get HOV Sticker!

    Just received mine took 4 weeks. All good. K
  8. 2021 Taycan Base Model, (CA) HOV Carpool Sticker

    Ordered CP stickers 4 weeks ago and just received them. All good. SR
  9. Alarm Issues

    sorry it's called Charging NA( Porsche Charging Service) works better than most of the other software in the car...
  10. Alarm Issues

    Also the Porsche Charging Services a simple interface and works for all charging station and lets you load your Porsche vehicle so it charges $ to the EA account
  11. Alarm Issues

    It shouldn't... I download the Electrify America App and it works great better than the Porsche Connect app.
  12. Porsche (or PCNA) deleted my car and my account, and customer support is worthless. How do I fix this?

    Jay, I would agree with Dave.. No company is perfect. I designed cars for 30 years and trust me a shit load of R&D goes into a vehicle regardless if its cost 30K or 140K... cars are pretty complex and have shit go wrong with them. If you think about it a car has to work in below zeroº...
  13. Alarm Issues

    I found it didn't do it for me consistently. Do you have the app on your phone? If the FA issues comes back try deleting the app. good luck..SR
  14. Alarm Issues

    No sadly there isn't. I've lived it so I know how frustrating it is. The first weekend ownership the alarm went off every 45 minutes really annoying and a bit embarrassing. The car then spent 3 weeks in service. Apparently Porsche knows it is an issue and is working on a fix. My dealer...
  15. Service Issues

    You deserve better service regardless of brand but especially Porsche. I have had service calls with Porsche irvine and they have been scheduled an always with a courtesy car. Their service process is exceptional . Sorry you haven't had a good experience.
  16. Porsche Server

    Are you fucken crazy ? !!! That is not possible for under 500K..
  17. 4s Cross Turismo Problems

    Good to hear! I'm convinced the app is the issue. I haven't had a single false alarm since deleting the app..