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  1. Taycian

    RBR - Delivery of 4S Cross Turismo

    Don't think I miss anything. Taycan is better for almost everything: range, performance, handling, ride, styling...
  2. Taycian

    RBR - Delivery of 4S Cross Turismo

    I had an iPace. The Taycan is on another level. Feels noticeably quicker (I have 4S) and even more refined.
  3. Taycian

    Good news my CT is on his way to me

    I have literally just found out my VIN, as mine is in the country but not at the dealer yet. It was built in the last week of August and the 10th digit is "M" - MY21
  4. Taycian

    Good news my CT is on his way to me

    What is the 10th digit of the VIN? I believe if it's an M, it's 2021 and if it's an N, it's 2022.
  5. Taycian

    Taycan Cross Turismo reviews & videos

    Bjørn Nyland takes a look at a Volcano Grey CT in a showroom.
  6. Taycian

    Offroad design wheel (aka Urus style)

    I went for the Offroad Design wheels, as my budget couldn't stretch to the 21" choices and the smaller 20" should be a bit more efficient and smoother over rough roads. I was debating between the two Aero Designs and the Offroad Design. I wasn't keen on the amount of glossy black filling in the...
  7. Taycian

    Sitting high

    Thanks. Makes sense. I saw that video too earlier today and was surprised how high the car looked on the wheels. Presumed it was set to a high suspension setting and good to see the explanation.
  8. Taycian

    Choice between two wheels

    I’ve answered my own question. They are “high gloss”. I questioned it because the turbo aero wheels look matt black in Bill4444’s photos of the wheels. I’m still deciding on the wheels. Not sure about so much glossy black.
  9. Taycian

    Choice between two wheels

    Is it me or do those turbo aero wheels look glossy black in the video?