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  1. Porsch ID Login

    Thank you - mine just has the option to login as grayed out and doesn't allow me to click it. it says something like the registration is not available at this time. I read all the forum past threads, did all the random things suggested and none worked.
  2. Porsch ID Login

    Hi everybody, I just picked up my CT4 today and it will not allow me to login to Porsche connect. I think others have had this problem how have you all fixed it.
  3. San Diego Port Experience

    Your message prompted me to check in w/my SA and its there! Yay
  4. San Diego Port Experience

    Thank you much, hoping both of us can transition to the complaining about PCM threads soon!
  5. San Diego Port Experience

    Thanks much, mine says no open recalls. Does that mean they fixed it or there wasnt ever one.
  6. San Diego Port Experience

    How do you know re the recall?
  7. San Diego Port Experience

    Anyone have any luck, my car is just stuck at port.
  8. San Diego Port Experience

    Congratulations that’s great, very happy for you. I also have Mamba :)
  9. San Diego Port Experience

    I just had mine updated to the 26th. Here's hoping I guess ...
  10. San Diego Port Experience

    Any luck getting more info on this. Mine is still at the port too
  11. San Diego Port Experience

    Apparently I’m done with pre-delivery inspection and it’s slated to get to the dealer 11/26 but who knows. Wish TYD was up
  12. San Diego Port Experience

    i hope it does too! I’ve heard sometimes they get processed but TYD doesn’t update.
  13. San Diego Port Experience

    Mine arrives tonight at SD and supposed to be delivered to the Santa Clarita dealer next Friday. As you said let’s see. Let me know please if yours is transported today.
  14. San Diego Port Experience

    Hi all - my car is scheduled to arrive at the San Diego port next Friday. It’s only gotta come up to LA from there. Also I understand there are no open items on the car. Anyone have recent experience about how long San Diego unloading and port processing has taken them? Much appreciated!
  15. Proposed U.S. $12,500 tax credit . . . BUT

    The point is that there are limited funds to spend so they are trying to spend them where they are most effective … at the low end. If you gave me additional tax incentives I would just add more options to my car - let’s be honest you would too because you have the money.
  16. December 2021 Delivery

    I got the email that mine finished production yesterday but YTD says it’s in the middle of the Atlantic on a boat. I think that finished production email is sent in batches.
  17. December 2021 Delivery

    Keep us posted, same question I have!
  18. December 2021 Delivery

    I hope you get it early! Let me know how it goes I’m in a very similar position. Car will be at the Panama Canal in less than 2 weeks.
  19. Taycan 4S Cross Turismo delivery at Porsche Delivery Center LA

    First, congratulations on your car, it looks amazing! Can I ask you why your car was held up in San Diego (mine will be there in 20 days). Also, did scheduling PEC LA push your delivery date back and if so by how much? Very much appreciated!
  20. December 2021 Delivery

    4 days for my CT4