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  1. madeyong

    Porsche Wall Charger Connect | Unbox & Install

    That is a beautiful sight for a home charger! Congrats. Those numbers make sense to me. On my PMCC I usually see the EVSE delivering anywhere from 0.8kW to 1.3kW more than what the car says it’s accepting into the battery. I assume that is attributed to thermal dynamics/general power loss, heat...
  2. madeyong

    Unwanted media-link

    Wireless CarPlay communicates with the car over WiFi. You need that WiFi connection if you want to use Wireless Apple CarPlay. I’m not sure about Android auto. Bluetooth is for the regular link between the mobile phone and car. If you use Wireless CarPlay like me just “set it and forget it”. The...
  3. madeyong

    Charging Dock Installation Details

    It is for those of us that had to run the conduit on the outside of the wall and therefore do not have a flush outlet.
  4. madeyong

    Charging Dock Installation Details

    Here you go. It’s just under 11 inches from the wall to the front, including the mounting plate and the spacer.
  5. madeyong

    Cannot charge at Electrify America right now?! WTF

    +1. I would like to know this too. Where are you hearing that plug and charge works for MY2020? This press release from Porsche that describes the 2021 improvements that were made available as a software update to MY2020 models does not reference plug and charge...
  6. madeyong

    Charging Dock Installation Details

    The depth is just over 9 inches. Manual says 9.1 inches or 231 mm. It is quite large but it is a very nice product that looks great on the wall and hides the 25 ft cord very nicely.
  7. madeyong

    Concert Videos

    I purchased it via iTunes so nothing illegal here but then I had to convert the downloaded .m4v file to .mp4 on my Mac so that the Taycan can see it. Then you just transfer the converted .mp4 to the USB stick and plug in to the center console and select USB as the Media source in the PCM.
  8. madeyong

    Concert Videos

    Not meant to start a debate about musical tastes but I am a big Springsteen fan (hey I live in NJ, after all) and I transferred the 1979 No Nukes Concert that I just purchased to a USB-C stick. It was just released with remastered audio and in HD and I have to say the sound on the Bose system is...
  9. madeyong

    Full documentary video Taycan development and production

    There is a link to it in the first post above. I’ve watched this a couple of times. It is so cool.
  10. madeyong

    Rubber Floormat Set - Taycan

    Here are mine. I just left the extra bit on that are used for the hanger. You can’t really see it when they are installed.
  11. madeyong

    Rubber Floormat Set - Taycan

    I didn’t have to cut my rear ones either. Hmmm…
  12. madeyong

    Can’t see what power going to front or rear?

    Got it. I thought I saw somewhere that MY21s were still on the older PCM. Agree it’s underwhelming. I never really have it up but I’d be annoyed if they just took it away.
  13. madeyong

    Can’t see what power going to front or rear?

    I see from the pictures that your PCM refelects the revised version folks have been speaking about with the 5 shortcut icons rather than 3. I take this to mean that your car is a MY 2022? Perhaps the All-Wheel indicator was removed from the updated PCM? I can’t think of any reason why they...
  14. madeyong

    Porsche Wall Charger Connect | Unbox & Install

    Apologies you are correct. I made an assumption without zooming in that it was like the PMCC. That’s cool that it communicates the remaining time. AFAIK the PMCC cannot do that.
  15. madeyong

    Porsche Wall Charger Connect | Unbox & Install

    Wow. Awesome. 1.26kWh delivered in 4 minutes of charging translates into 18.9kW if I’m doing my math right. Great.
  16. madeyong

    Get free charging at Electrify America stations until 11/29

    FWIW, an EA station at a Walmart about 30 minutes from me has 4 DC L3 chargers and one L2 AC charger. It was one of the first EA stations that came online so I think these AC chargers are only at the very old stations. I was there on Black Friday. Big mistake. Place was packed and all of the DC...
  17. madeyong

    Porsche (or PCNA) deleted my car and my account, and customer support is worthless. How do I fix this?

    Too funny. This made me crack up. I guess when it comes to Porsche (and only Porsche…) I’m on ‘Team Transitory’ too.
  18. madeyong

    Taycan Turbo or Turbo S

    I think it depends on what you mean when you say you tried to make it look like a Turbo S. If you added the PCCB brakes and carbon fiber that the Turbo S has, then I doubt it’s going to be that much of a difference in price to just step up to the Turbo S. If you don’t feel you need the PCCBs or...
  19. madeyong

    How does everyone use their passenger display?

    i have the passenger screen showing satellite image while my center display is on Media. Of course only when I have a passenger. I like having the power media and information tubes on the dash. When I drive solo and need to use nav I switch from power meter to map on dash so I can keep central...
  20. madeyong

    HELP! I kerbed one of my Mission E Rims

    Likely a dumb question but are you sure that you didn’t add the Porsche wheel and tire protection plan when you bought the car? I was able to add a 5 year plan to cover repairs like this through Porsche because I was so worried I would do something similar. Indeed, I figured the only way to make...