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  1. Delivery of our Vulcano Grey 4S Cross Turismo

    Congrats to you and the wife! shoes off before entering the car? thats the way it should be! 😂
  2. The Difficulties of Restrained Driving

    Guess you need to do the paper cup training :cool:
  3. Charging Best Practices

    Thanks @daveo4EV, for the long write up. Very informative
  4. Thoughts on the Cross Turismo wheels on a regular Taycan?

    Any photoshop masters on the forum? I feel like these would look great on the Saloon. But we don't see them because theyre unavailable in the configurator for the saloon.
  5. Security while driving your Porsche

    Nice to meet fellow Taiwanese on the forum! man, im not sure a lot of us can be optimistic about the future with whats going on in the world this past two years, but i would say the rise of a few industries still give us hope. Recent Olympics, and our battle against Covid (before we realized we...
  6. Problems to fix - review after 12K miles

    Nice color scheme, was this specced? or done after delivery ?
  7. Security while driving your Porsche

    what the what ? what was the context of the video?? 😂
  8. Slow Charging Profile Test by Out of Spec

    thanks, was this done with the AMB5 update? or OTA,? guess i will check in my car later
  9. Slow Charging Profile Test by Out of Spec

    Is this new profile option available after an update? Or just for the CT?
  10. Poll: What is your age?

    admin, please make an annual update of this post mandatory 🥳
  11. Charging Best Practices

    Thanks Squiden and jcroix, very informative posts. Just curious, I remember seeing Porsche's Battery system allows replacement/repair of individual cells in our battery pack. So say if we always charge/discharge the pack from 20%~80%, that leaves ~40% of the full battery capacity unused most...
  12. Charging Best Practices

    *incoming* “ porsche spent millions and millions on RnD why would you go ahead and ruin it with this feature rah rah rah” 🤬 jokes aside, even with the electric port, i once didn’t close the small flap for fast charging, blocking the closing of the port. and almost drove off like that thinking...
  13. 2020 Taycan 4S vs 2021 Ford Mach-e GT

    the Mach-E looks quite stunning in the blue, congrats! Any reason for the switch? Was it just for the added practicality?
  14. Is Taycan Turbo S too much as a daily driver

    were you trying to plow through someone in front of you that cut you off?
  15. Is Taycan Turbo S too much as a daily driver

    Personal opinion, the throttle response of taycan is pretty linear, that makes it the "easiest" car to drive in the Turbo S range. you can always just stick to "Range" or "Normal". As for passenger comfort... i believe i read a poster on here that survived 20+ times of banging his wife's head...
  16. Real World Range Experience So Far +Recup Use and Range Mode

    To my knowledge, the "Auto" functions a bit like ACC, meaning it only recups when it senses a car or object in front of the car. If the car slows down/stops before you then the recup happens normally (or even more aggresively than on). But if nothing is in front of you, it just coats for max...
  17. Painting/Wrapping rims

    Hi Guys, wondering if any of you had the experience to wrap/paint/whatever the Mission E rims? I ordered the Mission E with the original black/silver, but now want to color match to white. Any advice as to paint or wrap? Friend from a garage pointed out that the small dents between the...
  18. Other Hobbies

    Golf! F1 fan sports fan and most recently....reading the taycan turbo S vs Plaid thread on here :CWL:
  19. Wireless Charging (UK)

    I believe wireless charging is country-dependent, taking a wild guess it has something to do with where Qi is supplied. Mine did not come with it, and my cradle had no "Qi" logo. Curious to see if any other members who took delivery in asia has it?
  20. Western Europe Taycan road-trip report

    thank you for such an informative and entertaining thread. Thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.