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  1. TAYC4N

    GTS Orders UK

    Too early to lock spec just yet but the order is in the system. There is going to be a lot of dissapointed punters as dealers are promising delivery dates in Q1 to a lot of people but in reality I have been told there will only be a few cars a quarter per dealer. I had an expression of interest...
  2. TAYC4N

    GTS Orders UK

    March/Apiril 2022 locked in
  3. TAYC4N

    First cold snap of the year...just watch that range tumble!

    No Range degradation as such however in -2 this morning my PCM was doing all sorts of weird things - for starters the setting for only the settings screen was in german but everything else was in English :D
  4. TAYC4N

    London Roads Width Restriction - Rims Damage

    A road with width restrictions will always have a warning around 500 meters before the bollards. I usually see this and turn - no point. It seems the UK is the only place we have such fucked up road systems. I agree the bollards are a joke.
  5. TAYC4N

    Taycan GTS Allocation situation?

    Don’t shoot the messenger lads. Conveying what the dealer principal who has been selling me and my friends cars for over 20 years said. He has no reason to lie! Either way Im going to go for it as will be a change from what I currently have. If I dont like it no loss as will be placing an order...
  6. TAYC4N

    Taycan GTS Allocation situation?

    My dealer says a GTS Taycan without the Racetex is going to be hard to resell. The racetex is the GTS identity. Im in two minds myself but will probably get the racetex and if I cant live with it I'll sell it and get another with leather :D
  7. TAYC4N

    Service Issues

    Call Porsche assistance. Your car will be towed in to the dealer and a courtesy car arranged. Downside - could be an Enterprise Corsa!
  8. TAYC4N

    Taycan GTS Allocation situation?

    Given the current values I will be placing an order for another MY23 as soon as this one arrives!
  9. TAYC4N

    Taycan GTS Allocation situation?

    A lot of people being promised April 22 cars are being lied to as dealers have not yet got their allocations. GTS cars are usually lower in numbers. My DP has told me it seems likely I will have their first car in April 2022 but he can't promise this as they have not yet been given their...
  10. TAYC4N

    RBR - Delivery of 4S Cross Turismo

    This chap lives down the road from me - he has some lovely cars!
  11. TAYC4N

    Cross Turismo Turbo S vs. Moose

    Never seen Neptune blue look so stunning!
  12. TAYC4N

    Taycan GTS to be announced this year?

    I have a deposit down. Orders open Nov 21 delivery Q1 22 thats all I know:)
  13. TAYC4N

    Disaster! Spec missing the one thing I wanted. 🤦🏼😢🤣

    I never drive without it - love it. Seems to be an age related thing with the elder lot hating it :D:D
  14. TAYC4N

    Width restrictions 6ft 6

    I always turn back - fuck the bollards!
  15. TAYC4N

    Resale Value

    Try Motorway - best offers via this for me
  16. TAYC4N

    Taycan Cross Turismo Sedan patent images discovered

    It looks the same - could be the GTS?
  17. TAYC4N

    UK Cherished Number Plates

    I have PO20SHE for sale...PM me if interested..
  18. TAYC4N

    PPF Or Ceramic For The TC

    Xpel is the way to go..stay well away from PPS - garbage product. Never again.
  19. TAYC4N

    In my local dealership CT4s

    Not for me.....ruined an amazing looking car imho
  20. TAYC4N

    UK Porsche Cherished Number plate

    Still have this if anyone's interested :)