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  1. Volcano CT4 Delivered 3rd Dec

    Looks great, congrats! 👏
  2. Bespoke Colour - What would you choose?

    Fairly old thread but I would love it in the Underberg green...
  3. What Colour Did you go for?

    Ooooh - liking the rims...what are those?
  4. Mercedes EQE looks better than EQS

    Just out of curiosity from someone still waiting for the car - do you normally only use the built-in Navi? I have been a Tesla owner for the past 6 years, and one of the things I am really looking forward to is to use the Android Auto/Apple CarPlay to access Wayze or Google Maps as these are by...
  5. Standard interior with burmester audio or leather interior with Bose

    Fair points. The challenge for me is that the car is really the only place I get to enjoy MY music. Music is such a big part of my life, and coming from the Tesla, the Bose system in the Taycan comes up way short whereas the Burmester sounded phenomenal with the flac files I brought trying it...
  6. Taycan GTS Allocation situation?

    I think your dealer is wrong. Get the one you want - I would rather buy a GTS with leather off of you and so would many others I’m sure. 😀.
  7. Hawaiian Volcano Grey CT

    Looks phenomenal! Congrats! 🥳
  8. 2 range updates in 8 months for CT !

    Range vs Range :dance:
  9. Crayon CT4S Arrived

    I ordered black as well. Hoping that a PPF + ceramic will make it a little easier at least…
  10. Gentian Blue Taycan 4S on it's way. Adventures in Ordering

    This cracked me up. 😂 Great choices allover - looking forward to seeing some pics!
  11. Burmester Audio System

    Great to hear! What do you mainly use as source?
  12. Can you do OTA for INNODrive /ACC

    Unfortunately you need to have the ACC to OTA the innodrive. You cannot OTA the ACC. Edit: Yes, I just made OTA a verb.
  13. Transitioning from Taycan to Etron GT

    Cool to hear your impressions on this one. I was choosing between the Taycan and the e-tron GT (as many others I’m sure) and they really are quite different aren’t they? The GT feeling of the Audi is quite prominent, and to me, the car feels quite a bit bigger when driving it. I have been...
  14. Crayon CT4S Arrived

    Now that’s a nice looking couple on the driveway! 👌 Great looking CT mate, the crayon has really grown on me - regretting chickening out for the jet black…
  15. Fox review

    Gotta love them Fox readers comments. 😆
  16. Dolomite Silver Taycan Cross Turismo CT 4S Wrapped in Satin PPF

    Looks great! - did you put ceramic on top or is it easy to maintain without it perhaps?
  17. Location! Location! Location! Post Artistic Photos of Your Taycan with Scenery

    Great pics - the middle one especially - poster material! Love how the wife refused (?) to get out of the car 😂
  18. Taycan GTS to be announced this year?

    Surely, the GTS should be Carmine red? 😎
  19. Taycan GTS to be announced this year?

    Caveat: not sure this applies to all models, but would assume so when the new ST will be the GTS.