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  1. SteveDC

    New PCM interface?

    Yes, color icons will be a $12,500 option.🙂 Steve
  2. SteveDC

    First Road Trip Success - Porsche Palooza

    Thanks for the encouraging report. I’m about to take off on a trip myself. you mention a “charging planner.” Which one was it: Porsche Connect or Charging NA? Thanks again. Steve
  3. SteveDC

    Using the 12 volt sockets for tire inflation.

    Thx. I’ll give it another try. S.
  4. SteveDC

    Using the 12 volt sockets for tire inflation.

    There is an interesting and active thread on a mystery drop in range just recently. Further investigation led to the discovery that the culprit may be newly installed sticky tires (presumably for better spirited driving). This led to a discussion of tire inflation, among other matters. Given...
  5. SteveDC

    hmmm - my lovely Taycan is limited to 220 miles range - [Edit] I think it's the tires…

    Try 3 weeks! I was on vacation and left it home. Same battery %, about 54% (I was trying to be close to the 50% storage percentage recommended in the manual).
  6. SteveDC

    Demo of Active Parking Support

    Nerves of steel! 🙂
  7. SteveDC

    Charging Planner - New Feature

    Thank you for taking the time to put down this extended, step by step, reply. it is very helpful. I hope others will find it helpful as well. BTW, I used to teach down that way, in Athens. Bulldog, perhaps? Steve
  8. SteveDC

    Charging Planner - New Feature

    Sounds like a great addition, but you lost me on how you set it up. Usually, when you select a point of interest (POI), the nav system will take you there, as though the POI were your destination, not a stop along the way. How did you select Raleigh as you destination, but specify Electrify...
  9. SteveDC

    Valet monitoring — how is it turned off?

    Yup. Found it on the app. Thank you. S.
  10. SteveDC

    Valet monitoring — how is it turned off?

    I have been unable to find where in the PCM menu maze one turns off the Valet monitoring function. Can anyone provide some help? I am concerned about 12 volt battery drain while parked. (The car usually sits idle for several days, and I have had low battery warnings.) I also get the occasional...
  11. SteveDC

    285 miles! Got Porsche Connect app to work with Electrify America!

    After 9 tries over about 2 months, I got the P. Connect app to log me into an EA “pump” and start charging! It happened, because somebody at the dealership (a Te**la former sales rep) showed me how to work the app, just last week when I brought the subject up. As a bonus, after the charge, I...
  12. SteveDC

    Software update hasn’t fixed 12v battery issue (update) confirmed as main battery fault)

    Sorry to hear of the OP’s plight. Please let us know what the fix was. As a separate data point that may bear on this issue, I have just returned from a 3 week holiday with the 4S sitting alone in the garage at 63% charge, and it started right up. When I left 3 weeks earlier, SoC was also...
  13. SteveDC

    ABRP How to sync to actual battery state of charge?

    I’m in the US, but I will see if either the Connect app or the Charging NA app will act as a bridge for stuffing data into ABRP. Thanks for the tip. I checked the ABRP forum, and my question has been asked, viewed 400 times, but not answered there.
  14. SteveDC

    ABRP How to sync to actual battery state of charge?

    Anyone? I’m using the latest (Sept 20, 2021) iPhone version of A Better Route Planner, CarPlay and PCM. Is there a way to have ABRP reflect the current state of battery charge — other than manual entry using Settings in the ABRP iPhone app (that is, outside use within CarPlay)?
  15. SteveDC

    New Electrify America app for use on CarPlay
  16. SteveDC

    Active Lane Keeping - Dangerous?

    I’ve been quite pleased with the ALK feature. I keep my hands at 2 and 10 and don’t let go. I find the feature especially helpful on sharp curves and on multi-lane highways where people drive at speed, and I’m usually not in the far left passing lane.
  17. SteveDC

    Submerged Porsches

    Blue Danube was a nice touch. Good to learn.
  18. SteveDC

    [Update: Delivered!] My Taycan 4S Cross Turismo will be at my dealer Today - in Texas!

    Yes, I’ve been told by P customer service that the problem is on their end, not the car. However, there was a reported case here of the login issue being related to the over-the-air communications module in the car itself, which required replacement. Can’t resist the comment - your color looks...
  19. SteveDC

    Update 7/16: Thoughts on First 72 Hours with my Brick

    I grew up in Chicago and went to school there. I believe lawyers are available to assist you, if needs be. You don't want to miss an important legal deadline for invoking your rights under Illinois law while awaiting a fix. This is information you need to know. With luck, there will be no need...
  20. SteveDC

    Charging via a domestic extension lead

    I think there is something in the Manual on this. You might wish to check. I’m not qualified on electrics, but I think the cord must be of a certain size to handle the amperage without danger of fire. There may also be an issue, even with a proper extension cord, with too large a draw on the...