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  1. Recall Re-code airbag control unit: Any issues?

    This recall for a firmware fix now appears for my VIN on Have heard about this. Dealer service said not high on their critical list but scheduled me in anyway. They want the car for the day "just in case" Has anyone had this dealer service update done? Any...
  2. Summer Performance or All Season?

    In Atlanta. All season tires. Our Taycan won't be driven in snow and will never be tracked. Based on my previous Porsche experience, all season tires will have longer life than the performance tires. Have 6K miles and the tread wear seems minimal so far. Time will tell.
  3. PCM connection to Porsche Server

    Connection between Taycan and Porsche server finally started working again (by itself) sometime last evening.
  4. Questions from Potential New Owner

    It has not gotten very cold (relatively) here in Atlanta yet, however indicated range has definitely dropped about 15% so far. Below freezing expected in the next few days so we'll see. Seat heaters work well. Heated steering wheel is just OK. Really could be warmer. (2021 RWD)
  5. New Turbo S order going in today - photos / spec list

    Good call on removing the chrome window trim and model designation on doors.
  6. PPF ?

    I have Volcano, front PPF and ceramic on the rest. Cannot tell the difference in color.
  7. PPF ?

    Did XPEL on front facing surfaces, mirrors, door handle cups and the surface exposed when the rear hatch is raised. Then GTechniq ceramic on the rest of the car.
  8. Carbon fiber passenger side dash panel?

    Here you go. Sort of hard to photograph because of the gloss. We actually did these films twice. First with matt finish. I liked it on the 3 touch screens. Did NOT like it on the passenger panel. Glad we switched all surfaces to gloss.
  9. Carbon fiber passenger side dash panel?

    Just did this on my RWD. 3 Screens and the passenger side panel. XPEL gloss film. $100. A no-brainer.
  10. Location! Location! Location! Post Artistic Photos of Your Taycan with Scenery

    Fall foliage at Hogpen Gap in the North Georgia mountains.
  11. I am watching the “sh*t show” that EA is live and in person

    Maybe I'm just lucky. Did a trip last week from Atlanta to Kiawah Island South Carolina. Involved 5 EA charges. Every one was flawless. No software, did not turn off the car. Just pulled up to the 350 KW charger and plugged in. Within one minute charging started. Got 226kw max as I have RWD...
  12. Innodrive versus ACC+ALK

    Just back from my first long road trip. About 1K miles. Before we left, used FOD to get Innodrive and ALK with the free 3 month trial deal. FOD worked installing both quickly with no issues. Took a bit to get comfortable with the "self-driving". Never fully did because of some of the...
  13. Color drama! What to chose?

    We bought Volcano RWD. Fabulous color. Holds dirt well and easy to clean especially with the PFF front end and ceramic coating.
  14. RWD performance - 79.2kw v 93.4kw battery

    RWD standard battery 220-230 mi @ 80% SOC. Most driving just commuting and short trips.
  15. hmmm - my lovely Taycan is limited to 220 miles range - [Edit] I think it's the tires…

    Yes, cup holder bling my wife found and "installed" . Definitely increases range as demonstrated in the pic.
  16. hmmm - my lovely Taycan is limited to 220 miles range - [Edit] I think it's the tires…

    Similar. 2021 RWD standard battery 3,400 miles 27.7 KWh / 100 miles Still pretty warm here so I don't know how much this will drop when it cools off.
  17. Second key - wait

    Loss prevention first. We attached an Apple AirTag to the key. Just in case......
  18. Have I made the right choices? (Too much time to think whilst waiting)

    Well then make sure you add massage seats.
  19. Have I made the right choices? (Too much time to think whilst waiting)

    Faced very similar decisions with our now 3 month old 3K trouble free miles RWD. RAS really helps us with our driveway, garage and parking. Taycan is a big car. PASM also great for our driveway with smart lift. Passed on sport chrono. Have it in another Porsche and would not get again. Very...