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  1. Power Steering Plus

    I have Power steering plus and rear wheel steering and I think I the steering feel is the best I’ve probably ever driven. It is light enough when going slow and perfectly tightened when picking up speed. Great road feedback!
  2. Order or wait

    Go for it! My 2022 4S sedan is an absolute joy to love with. A couple buggy items but nowhere close to deal breakers. I wish I had this car as a daily driver years ago!! What a car!!! Don’t sleep on it!
  3. Quality of Bose sound in CT?

    Don’t have it, as spec’s the Burmeister in my 4s, and all I can say is it’s perfect (for an automotive stereo…for me). Not a helpful post, I realize, I’m just so excited about the Burmeister, I had to brag ;) hah
  4. 4S 19" wheels

    Rims are important to me, and can’t say I like the look of the 19s…better for aerodynamics?
  5. 4S 19" wheels

    Maybe? 😆
  6. Nicer than I ever dreamed...

    Yep, I have it set for my custom button on the screen behind the wheel and left the diamond button as next track for music. Very convenient.
  7. CT alarm issue, how common is it?

    Ya told me they weren’t aware of it too…pffft
  8. Homelink Question

    Anyone been able to get their homelink to work with an electric gate? No dice thus far on my end. Haven’t tried with a garage yet to see if it’s my home link functionality in general or just with gate. Seems to pick it up when clicking the remote but it ultimately won’t synch to get the gate...
  9. Clear Side Markers

    Yep had my dealer install them on my ‘22 4S sedan and they look great! Huge improvement IMO. Proper spec (a nod to my friends across the pond). 😉
  10. I am underwhelmed by my Taycan Pen

    I heard that late pen deliveries are due to the pen spring shortage…
  11. CT alarm issue, how common is it?

    Nope. I have a brand newly delivered 2022 4S sedan and have had this issue from the jump… sorry.
  12. CT alarm issue, how common is it?

    100% agree. My only true bad complaint with my brand new 4S. Very unnerving for me is that the double tap doesn’t always work….
  13. Ask a Porsche Dealer Anything

    Thanks for your service! ;) Are you aware of the issue with the alarm going off randomly? Is Porsche aware of it? Do you know what’s causing it? I’ve heard faulty sensors and I’ve heard it has to do with the Connect App… Mine has had this problem since day 1. I had read here to double click...
  14. In the flesh at dealership: Ice Grey Cross Turismo with Off Road Package, 21" Wheels

    A huge +1 from another Ice Grey. Couldn’t imagine another color on my 4S sedan!
  15. Alarm Issue

    Thank you. Believe I have read through the other threads, but may have missed any mention of where the sensor is located l, or the reinstall of app (I read the one where they deleted the Connect app completely cause Porsche said it was related and it that helped their issue (they didn’t care...
  16. Alarm Issue

    I’m experiencing the random alarm issue where my 2022 4s alarm goes off randomly for no reason. Needless to say it’s fairly unbearable. I thought disabling the interior motion sensor with a FOB double click was working but it seems to still randomly go off. Does anyone know where the...
  17. Poll: With or without Taycan badge?

    I bought gloss black ones from Suncoast but now not sure I’ll put them on…I’m on the fence. May be selling them here shortly…
  18. Poll: With or without Taycan badge?

    I debadged my 4s…a benefit of Porsches options. I also went with black Porsche option in the back..very stealth…even hard to read the Porsche in the back. I bought the “electric” badging in gloss black from Suncoast and thought I’d put them on…now I doubt it and may be selling them here soon...
  19. Poll: With or without Taycan badge?

    Nice! I have an A7 too…wish it was debadged. 🤷🏽‍♂️One of the great things about Porsche customizations is the option to go stealth.
  20. Alarm Issues

    Ive had it since day one of owning my 4S. For now, I double click the lock icon on my FOB which kills the interior monitoring and solves my issue. I love 250 miles from nearest Porsche dealer so not eager to take it in for diagnostics…. My dealer service dept. claims Porsche is NOT aware of...