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  1. How are we pronouncing Taycan ?

    I don’t understand why English speaking people feel obligated to pronounce Taycan or Porsche as the Germans do. Do you say Munich or Munchen? Bratwurst or Bratvurst..:
  2. Winter daily?

    I drove my Taycan last winter in Boston on the p zero winter elect tires. Excellent. I also came from a RWD 550, which, IMO, was not great. The AWD in the Taycan is much better.
  3. PPF + Ceramic Cost / Price

    In Boston I got xpel ultimate full body PPF for $6800 and ceramic pro platinum for $2500. Lifetime warrantee.
  4. How practical is Taycan as a daily driver for people in their 60s?

    I am 61, and 6‘3“ tall. I have absolutely no problem getting in and out of the car. The backseats are definitely tight, it would depend on how tall the passengers are. With people under 6 feet it should be OK. For those saying they can fit a decent amount of luggage in the frunk, I don’t...
  5. Cleaning ventilated seats

    Thanks. I’m not sure how that technique is going to get out material that’s stuck inside the perforations, but I’ll give it a shot.
  6. Cleaning ventilated seats

    This is my first car with ventilated seats. And I’m having a problem I anticipated that I would have. Dirt and debris gets into the perforations. Any suggestions on how to clean it? I’ve tried to vacuum, but it doesn’t pull out the dirt.
  7. Carplay annoyances

    I finally figured out the beep. It was accompanied with a message that flashes on the screen so quickly, that you couldn’t read it. I took a video of the screen until it beeped, and was able to see the message when I played back and paused the video. It said “google search update available”. I...
  8. Carplay annoyances

    Huh. Do you have a message that displays briefly on the screen when it connects to CarPlay?
  9. Carplay annoyances

    So nobody else hears a beep when the car connects to CarPlay? I have a short beep, and a message briefly flashes on the display. This is with Wireless CarPlay.
  10. Carplay annoyances

    A couple things really bug me about carplay: * When the car connects to my phone, the car beeps. It sounds like some kind of warning alarm. What's up with that? Does the car really need to tell you carplay connected? No. Cars don't beep when bluetooth connects, how is that any different...
  11. Why does it say “sport” on my dashboard?

    Anyone know what this means, in the lower right corner? I am in normal mode.
  12. Porsche connect contract

    Is it auto renewing? The email said I had to renew, and it did let me renew. I didn’t see anything about auto renewal.
  13. Porsche connect contract

    Yes that's it, thanks. It's just odd that they make you go to the trouble of renewing something they provide for free. I actually have never used an EA charging station, but maybe someday...
  14. Porsche connect contract

    I just got an email from Porsche saying "The contract for your Porsche Connect Services package "Porsche Charging Service (Taycan)" will end automatically shortly." Does anyone know what this is? If I try to renew it, it takes me to a screen where I can renew for 12 months, and the cost is $0...
  15. Is it safe to leave your key in the car?

    A chance I’m willing to take. Not a lot of crime in my hood.
  16. Is it safe to leave your key in the car?

    I've never left my key in the car, for fear of it somehow causing the 12v battery drain issue. But it's what I'd prefer to do when I leave the car in the garage. What do you think? With the latest software patch, is it now safe to leave the key in the car?
  17. Replacement vehicule during maintenance

    Had a Macan loaner for the last 6 weeks. Getting my baby back today!
  18. Poll: R-N-D or D-N-R?

    It seems backwards to me too, and it took me a while to get used to it. But used to it I am now.
  19. Silencing the Trunk Beeper

    Any luck finding that setting?
  20. Share your stories of attention

    I just remembered one. The very first time I drove my car, on the way back from picking it up at the dealer, a guy I passed on the highway was shaking his fist with a thumbs up out the window. He was doing it from the time he first saw me in his rear view mirror. I remember that made me feel...